Well, Landon is doing better. We spent the last week with him staying home, not taking him out at all. Today we finally took him out of the house, so we could order a table for the dining room, and pick up dinner. He seemed to do just fine, but I am still paranoid after our not fun hospital stay.
Laura and Dirk are planning to get married this month, and Bobby and I are currently planning to host the wedding at our house! Should be a blast, and it will be the first time we have a bunch of people out to the house. We’ve got more work that we are trying to finish on the house before the wedding.
We are also attempting to refinance the house. It’s currently a construction loan, and we need to make it a house loan now.
Landon is just adorable, so here are lots of pictures! Also, you can see the new haircut in the pictures, let me know what you think!
Lots of Pictures

I knew when we moved out here that there would be bugs in the house. I knew that there would be wildlife outside.
I did not, however, expect to come down stairs at 2AM to find a snake IN MY HOUSE!
The cats were playing with it. It was about 10 inches long, and pencil thin. I don’t know what kind it was, it was not a rattler.
Landon has started to smile BACK at us now. He always smiled, but it was for his own reasons. Now he smiles in response to things! He just really started to do that today!
He is also “cooing” a lot more today, like he just figured out that he can make noise! It’s so cute!!!

Landon Pictures


internet returns….
house is pretty, has issues. will post more later on house.
Landon is 1.5 inches taller and weighs 11 lbs 4 oz now. so cute!
kay, back to baby watching.

921 W Saddle Butte St
Apache Junction AZ 85220
Home phone is 480-983-2651
My cell is 480-313-8650
No, we don’t have a certificate of livability yet. Yes, that means we are “squatting” in our own home.

Moving Day is tomorrow. Our computer and internet access is going away tonight, and our DSL is “supposed” to be set up tomorrow at the house.
However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the DSL doesn’t work out right, because that’s the type of luck we’ve been having. So, No internet access for at least the next 48 hours, possibly no internet until the cable gets hooked up, which might be as late as the 18th of September.
If you need to contact us, I’m going to do a friends only post with our address and phone number.
Otherwise, I’ll post when I have access again, and in the meant time, just assume I don’t have access.

Landon Pictures

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