I knew when we moved out here that there would be bugs in the house. I knew that there would be wildlife outside.
I did not, however, expect to come down stairs at 2AM to find a snake IN MY HOUSE!
The cats were playing with it. It was about 10 inches long, and pencil thin. I don’t know what kind it was, it was not a rattler.
Landon has started to smile BACK at us now. He always smiled, but it was for his own reasons. Now he smiles in response to things! He just really started to do that today!
He is also “cooing” a lot more today, like he just figured out that he can make noise! It’s so cute!!!

Landon's first date! Landon’s first date!

Our friends brought over their daughter Emily, who is over 4 months old! 9/15/06

Evil babies Evil babies

with glowing red eyes! 9/15/06

Landon and Lion Landon and Lion

The yellow toy Lan is looking at is a lion that Emily brought for Landon. He loves it. It’s the first toy he has really noticed or played with!

Super Landon! Super Landon!

I'll take you down! I’ll take you down!

Boxing Baby!


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