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Landon Landon
This is an outfit my mom (Lan’s Grandma) sent him. Size? 6 months! Oct 06
Baby Party Baby Party
Landon is in the middle (orange shirt), and surrounded by women! Cassia is on the end, then Emily (who is grabbing him), Landon, Penny, and Roary! 10/28/06
More cuteness More cuteness
Cassia, Emily, Landon, Penny, Roary 10/28/06
one more! one more!
Roary, Cassia, Emily, Landon, Penny, 10/28/06
Costumes Costumes
Landon the penguin, Emily the Tigger, Roary the Bear, and in the corner is Penny the Blue Crab! 10/28/06
Tigger and a Penguin Tigger and a Penguin
Emm and Lan 10/28/06
Check out my tail! Check out my tail!
Landon and Daddy show off the cute tail! 10/28/06
Had a little too much? Had a little too much?
Landon passes out at the party. 10/28/06
party party
Penny the blue crab is on the matt. I’ve got Landon, some of the other party goers wander. 10/28/06
Octopus! Octopus!
Cassia in her outfit, with her mom! 10/28/06

So last night we went a Baby Halloween Party that aliyna and lightningtea (and baby Roary the bear) hosted. mommycairenn brought her husband and baby Cassia, who dressed as an octopus. catchmeup also came, with her man and baby Penny, the blue crab. stalkermagnet and her husband showed, but her son was unable to be there, which made us sad. Also, Gyan and Jamie brought Emily AKA Tigger along.

The party totally rocked and was a ton of fun! Thank you aliyna for having us!!!!!


jadesymb‘s Halloween party:

alison_in_oh dressed as the Viscount of Moose.
aliyna dressed as Woodrow Wilson.
alliehawes dressed as Draco Malfoy.
anyabast dressed as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, though it looked more like a 1980’s yuppie child.
babyskrnich dressed as a tiger.
berrybuzz dressed as Theodore Roosevelt.
blonnie dressed as Hilary Duff.
brokenallbroken dressed as a pirate.
catchmeup dressed as someone who just had sex.
cephyr dressed as a halfback for the Bears, though it looked more like your grandmother.
chigatana dressed as a diplomat from Liberia.
Party more behind the cut

Thursday night Thursday night
This is MOST of the regular gang that we see on a thursday night. There are more, and not everyone shows every thursday, Laura and Dirk, the hosts of the thursday night potluck, are in the center, as this was taken at their wedding. Picture by Julia. 10/21/06

At the wedding At the wedding

Doesn’t my baby look gangsta? 10/21/06

In his sling In his sling

Landon was so good at the wedding!! He was in his sling almost the whole time!! 10/21/06

Sitting up Sitting up

Well, he is more propped up, but still! 10/22/06

Check out the head control Check out the head control


Tummy Time! Tummy Time!


You know he's cute You know he’s cute


Landon Pictures!

Lan had his 2 month checkup today. I really do like his doctor, but I am not so impressed with the office. The appt was at 10:15, and they ask you get there 10 minutes early, so we got there at 10. We didn’t get out of the office until 12:15
First we waited. Then we got called back, and Landon got measured. He weighed 13.7 lbs naked as the day he was born. All his measurements are in the 90th percentile. (which means he is bigger than 90% of babies his age). He looks good and healthy, except he somehow has THRUSH!!! He doesn’t breastfeed! I thought only breastfed babies got thrush!! So WTF? Now I have to boil all the bottles and nipples and pacifiers after every use. Blah. I also have to give him thrush meds 4 times a day.
Anyway, got told the soy formula is fine, and if it makes him cranky, gassy, or constipated, to give him Chamomile tea! 1 oz at a time, no more than 4 oz in a day! How weird is that?
He got 4 shots, two in his left leg, one in his right leg and one in his right arm. He SCREAMED. It sucked. Now he is all traumatized (I think I might be too). He is sleeping next to me, but he will suddenly start screaming. They said it might give him a fever, and I can give him .4 (she said it’s the lowest dose) of children’s Tylenol for it.
They tried to set up his 4 month appointment for my first day back to work, but I talked them into letting me come the friday before, so his next appt is 12/15 @ 8:45 AM

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