still tired.

tbbt-workingSo on Thursday it was really windy out, and we got home around 9 from hanging out for dinner at Laura’s. Landon was awake, and I tucked him into bed. We were about 2 pages into Good Night Moon when the power went out. Luckily, Landon and I both have that book memorized, so we were able to complete the story. I managed to get out of his room in total blackness without tripping and killing myself. Landon, thankfully, was tired, and didn’t need a night light.
I come out of Landon’s room, and I can’t find Bobby. I wander around in the dark, calling out for Bobby, and occasionally threatening death to the darkness if my husband were planning to jump out and scare me. Eventually, I locate a candle, and then notice that there is a gathering of flashlights at the end of the street.

Turns out that Bobby saw out the window huge sparks/explosions at the corner, and had grabbed a flashlight and gone out to make sure there was no wildfire coming for us. The roof had blown off one of the nearby homes, and had blown through the power lines, severing them. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the police were on scene pretty quick. Power was back on around 11:30pm, which was also a good thing.

Friday work was so long. It took forever. Once it was over I went and got Bobby, then we grabbed Laura and Dirk and went over to Sweet Tomatoes for Dinner. It was good fun. We didn’t end up gaming, just talking at Laura’s, and I was so tired and felt icky, so we went home early and got some good sleep.

Saturday morning we tried to go see Monsters Vs Aliens, but Landon would not sit still, so about half way through the movie, we gave up and left. What I saw of the movie was very fun, I liked it a lot. Saturday night I had my Twilight viewing party with a few friends. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed watching the movie and extra’s with people. We did mock some of the movie as well, of course.

Sunday we took Landon to the Mall, and then met up with Uncle Jack for Lunch at Black Angus. BA opened at noon, which was late, but it was Jack’s birthday lunch. Landon’s nap usually starts around 12:30 or so, but I figured we could push it a little bit for a birthday lunch. Of course, it turns out that Sam was meeting us, and he was running late. He got there at about 12:20. Also, the place was horrible about meeting Landon’s food needs. Anyway, we didn’t get out of there till 1:30, and keeping Landon entertained was a pain in the rear. However, I really enjoyed spending time with my family, and I hope Jack enjoyed his birthday outing!

My husband is awesome. He cleaned the house and made food for the twilight party. He made me the most amazing quiche for dinner last night. I really appreciate all his help this weekend!

Landon went all day both days with only 2 accidents (both poop), so I think we are getting a little closer to potty training being complete. He still poops in his diaper, but other than that is getting really good about wanting to go in the potty.

Sunday night we FINALLY watched Supernatural. I love that show. Despite having seen Sam (the character) with his shirt off, and knowing he is buff, I always think of him as scrawny, because of the way they dress him. In last week’s episode, they have him in this almost too tight Polo shirt that shows off his yummy arms and broad shoulders. Now, I’m a Dean girl all the way, but Sam was YUM in this episode. And Dean was SO CUTE in his tie. It was a good episode, and I won’t spoil it, but I’m telling you the eye candy was wonderful in it!

Good Weekend. Now if only we can all survive till the next one!

Noodle Nose

firheruwen On Weds, Landon was eating macaroni noodles. He eats them plain, of course, but they are the same ones that come out of a box of Mac and Cheese. He comes out of his room and tell me he has popcorn up his nose.

You see, a couple of weeks back, Landon had stuck a popcorn seed up his nose. We got it out pretty easily with tweezers, and he got yelled at, and that was that.

Except it wasn’t.

Because he hadn’t put popcorn up his nose. He’d put cooked macaroni noodles up his nose. Macaroni noodles, once cooked, aren’t easy to grab with tweezers, especially not out of the nose of screaming, struggling, two year old.

After about a half hour of struggling, Bobby and I decided to take a breather and call the doctor. The doctor’s office nurse told us we should go to the emergency room.

Bobby and I looked at each other and sighed. Then we went back to trying to get it out ourselves again. There was more crying, more screaming, and more refusing to blow his nose. “Come on Landon, BLOW, like this, and then if you can blow the noodle out, we can stop holding you down and sticking things up your nose, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Anyway, Bobby finally got one whole noodle out. There was much rejoicing. But then, I was pretty sure he had a noodle up both nostrils. We tried to go back to work, but we could not find another noodle up either nostril.

Landon seems fine, so we theorize that he sucked up back up his nose and down his throat EWW!

After that, I told Landon very firmly, “We do not put things in our nose. Nothing up the nose!” Then I thought about that for a second, and added, “And nothing in our Ears either!” And I made him repeat it.
The first thing he said when I got him up from nap was, “Nothing in my nose. Or my ears.”

I hope to god that lesson sticks. An hour of holding him down and sticking things up his nose was no fun at all, and going to the ER would also SUCK and cost MONEY!

Where’s Goldbug?

I have created a monster.
You see, as a child, I loved this book called Cars and Trucks and Things That Go By Richard Scarry. I loved it not only because it was busy but whimsical, but also because of Goldbug. He’s hidden on every page! I saw the book when we were shopping last weekend, and I thought, surely Landon will like this book. It has cars and trucks and things that go in it! And we can find goldbug together!

A lot of my childhood books have held little interest for Landon, so I was delighted that he loved the book as much as I did. We play “where’s goldbug” and read the book aloud. But it’s a long book. And now Landon wants to read it OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I hate to tell him no when he asks me to read to him, but if it were up to him, I’d read him this book every 15 minutes.

Crazy child. Cute, amazing, but crazy child.

Also, if your child gets pink eye, or you do, here’s a little home cure my mom told me about. Use at your own risk, I am not a doctor!

less pink, more eyes

Well, the weekend ended up not being such a bust after all.
So Thursday Landon wakes up with Pink eye. Only I didn’t know! Yes, he had gummy eyes, but they weren’t PINK. I didn’t even know it was going around.
I found out after I got to Laura’s that it was going around some of the people who had been there, although Laura’s family was pink eye free.
Anyway, we got some drops on loan from Julia, whose daughter had just finished pink eye. Except that her son got it on Friday, so we had to give the drops back.
So it’s 3:45 on a Friday, and I call Landon’s doctor, and she closes at four PM. The nurse won’t call in an RX for pink eye without seeing Landon, and since they close in 10 minutes, we would have to just go to urgent care.
So I call Landon’s old doctor’s office, who I do not like. They are open till 5. They also want to see him before calling in an RX. They asked me how long until I could be there, I said we could be there in 10 minutes. She said, “You’re appointment is NOW, get here ASAP.”
So we got there, and the doctor said, so why are you here? I said, well, he has pink eye. The doctor says, “Yes, I can see that.”
So he got his money from me (co-pay) and his money from the insurance co, and gave us the RX.

We filled it, but since Landon had been on the borrowed drugs, by Saturday morning he was no longer contagious.
I talked Grandma into taking him, so Bobby and I got our date!
We went and ate at Joe’s Crab Shack, which I didn’t like very much. Bobby wanted the Steam Pots that they have been advertising on TV. Bobby thought it was okay, but not great. Afterwards we stopped by The Game Depot and shopped. We thought about a movie, but decided to enjoy each other’s company instead. So we walked around some stores, and eventually got some Gelato. It was a pleasant evening, I enjoyed it. When we were done, we went home (Landon stayed overnight with grandma) and watched Supernatural. The Episode from Thursday was called “The Head of a Pin” and it was EXCELLENT. I LOVED IT. Better than any movie we might have gone to see.
We also watched Dollhouse “The Man on the Street” I’m all caught up on Dollhouse, but I have to say, I still don’t love it. I’m not even sure I like it!

Sunday morning we did some shopping, and some relaxing. Bobby also got our Taxes done this weekend (GO BOBBY!) and we are getting a nice return, at some point.

Sunday afternoon I grabbed Landon and we went to the park, and I took some pictures.

why his knees are always skinned

He has sand in his hand.  To drop down the slide.
He has sand in his hand. To drop down the slide.
Prospector Park 3/23/09
Don't just take pictures! Help me up!
Don’t just take pictures! Help me up!
Prospector Park 3/23/09
Prospector Park 3/23/09
going to slide
going to slide
Prospector Park 3/23/09
he's carrying sand up and placing it on the black wheel behind his head.
he’s carrying sand up and placing it on the black wheel behind his head.
Prospector Park 3/23/09
crawling through the tunnel
crawling through the tunnel
Prospector Park 3/23/09
why his knees are always skinned
why his knees are always skinned
Prospector Park 3/23/09
Laughing at the wind in my hair.
Laughing at the wind in my hair.
The wind was SO BAD, my hair was standing straight up. Landon thought this was pretty funny.
Prospector Park 3/23/09

evil pink

Well, scratch our weekend plans.
Landon has Pink eye.


movie thoughts?

So Bobby and I might actually get a date night this weekend. We are talking about seeing a movie, and Bobby said I can pick!
I’m a little conflicted. I kind of like to see Watchmen. At the same time, I loved Escape to Witch Mountain, so I’m thinking about Race to Witch Mountain, and the Rock, who I LOVE. I mean, I loved the Witch Mountain movies. And the Rock is yummy. Watchmen might be depressing (no spoilers please), and Witch Mountain might be funny. I prefer funny to depressing.
Beyond that, Witch Mt is rated PG, so we could, in theory, attempt that with Landon, so maybe I should go with the more “adult” movie?

Of course, I’m also open to other suggestions. Keep in mind, 1 movie every other month is about all we manage to go see!

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