Its so much fun to have your tummy upset and not want to eat anything, and yet to be dizzy from lack of food, with a baby inside you who is all hungry….
To eat and risk puking, but make the dizzy go away and make baby happy?
Or skip the food so as not to make the tummy more angry?

I guess I should get the food…. I’m going down to the cafe…. maybe some toast will stay down and fight the dizzy.
I haven’t puked once with this pregnancy, I really don’t want to start now.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Thank whatever higher power you chose to have faith in for TELECOMMUTE DAYS! I don’t think I could have made it through the last few weeks without it, and I know I need it to get through the next 2 weeks.
Yesterday we ordered our kitchen. The dude we ordered from was dumb. He went out to the house and measured for the kitchen, but didn’t measure all of it, so Bobby had to go out there yesterday and measure it for him. Still, it should be ordered, so soon we will have a kitchen. Bobby reported that the drywall assholes were actually out there texturing, so it looks like this weekend we might actually be on for painting! Bobby insisted I call my doctor on if I could paint. Doc says its fine, as long as I’m “smart” about it.
So anyone wants to help paint this Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday, let me know. I’m gonna stick to the interior, but I think Bobby plans to work on the exterior.
Oh, GOOD NEWS!!! Doc thinks Landon is HEADS DOWN!!!! WOO HOO!!! He did say that at this point, he could still turn head up again if he wanted to, but that normally at this point they go heads down, they stay that way!!!!
Other than that, I really want to buy a freaking car seat already, and finish my baby shopping so I can feel all prepared and stuff.
I bought the latest Anita Blake book, and read it. It was good. I personally think that Merry and Anita are becoming the same freaking character, which annoys me. I like Anita to be Anita, and not to be Merry.
I am hoping the next book involves more of Anita being Anita. I would also like it if Anita’s player was less of a power gamer. Seriously, Anita was cool when she just had her necromancy and her gun. This is just getting complex.
I won’t say more, cause well, don’t want to give away anything…. Feel free to post opinions and such in the comments though.
I want to go home. Work sucks. I was looking into if I just took the medical leave from work, and not the unpaid bonding leave, I would have to be back at work when Lan wasn’t even two months old! How ridiculous is that?!?!?!
Anyway, only 2 weeks and 2 days left of work. woot!

Baby inventory

Tuesday baby goodness, magical 42


Baby Shower!!!
The baby shower for Landon was a smashing success. We had around 20 guests, and had a ton of fun!
The only game we played, was the advice book game. If you can call it a game. A very good friend of ours put together a book, and had us hand out blank pages from the book to all the guests. The guests then wrote down advice for us or for the baby. The book is stunning, and I am glad we got it!
Here are a few pictures:

cake cake
Landon’s Shower cake. 6/24/06
Choose your weapon Choose your weapon
We are such geeks. This shirt is from The Game Depot. It has all the types of dice on it and says, “Choose your Weapon” I think its my favorite thing we got. 6/24/06
basket basket
goodies! 6/24/06
Bobby and Uncle Jack Bobby and Uncle Jack
Baby shower 6/24/06

More here:

Special thanks to Mickey (Bobby’s Mom) for hosting the shower.

baby shower gift list

Chandra- Harley bag with tie dyed onesie and do-rag
Patty & Dave – Dice, Game Depot shirt, Choose your weapon Shirt, Release date 2006 shirt.
Liz – helicopter jammies, Car onesie, shark zone outfit
Fyr- Blanket (hand crocheted)
Tiff – Boppy pillow, baby care kit
Carol – $50
Bobby (kyerdun) – Knights of the dinner table onesie
Sam – Dead Bunny and black sheep mobile
Melanie – Diapers, Baby blanket (hand knitted)
Dirk & Laura – baby care kit, red and blue soccer outfit
Heather (SIL) – basket w/socks, blankets, outfits, scrapbook supplies.
Leigh – stuffed Lion, Changing Station
Matt & Jasmine – Letter links, stripped onesies w/grasshopper, jeans
China & Van (Lan’s cousins)- basket w/elephant, diapers, clothes, pooh shapes.
Aunt Pam (MIL’s sister) – Closet organizer, onesies
Amiee & Donny- Swing
Uncle Jack – $50

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