Thank goodness for long weekends.
Friday we went to Sam and Aleana’s apartment, the friends we helped move last weekend, and had dinner with all the other assistant movers. It was fun, although odd. Laura brought her most beautiful children over, who were very well behaved, but there were a few moments of EEK, as we dealt with a two year old in a non-toddler safe home.
The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back. We hit Best Buy and got Season 3 of Rurouni Kenshin ( and spent a lot of time watching the show this weekend.
Saturday we went and saw the horrid movie X3 at the new theatre, and you can scroll down to the post I made on Sunday to read all about that.
Sunday we went shopping and got massages over at Massage Envy. I have to say, it wasn’t worth it for me. They didn’t have any special table or anything for pregnant women, and so I got to lay on my side cuddling pillows while I got one side rubbed, then flip over and get the other side. The foot rub she gave was amazing, but that isn’t a surprise given how badly my feet hurt recently. When I got up from the massage bed, my body still felt stiff and sore, although my feet felt great. I was told that she couldn’t rub the top of my shoulders or a small area around my ankle because I was pregnant. I’ve heard about these “hot spots” before, places where preggos shouldn’t be rubbed for fear of inducing early labor. However, whenever I read about “how to induce labor” for the women who are at 40, 41, 42 weeks and just trying to speed the process along, no one ever mentions these magic “hot spots” so I don’t put a lot of credence into that old wives tale.
Bobby spent a lot of the weekend playing Heroes of Might and Magic, the new one that just came out. I spent my time reading a Lora Leigh book, and playing the New Super Mario Brothers for the DS. I am happy to say I beat the game! Well, I beat the last castle, and didn’t warp, but I still have a ton of things to unlock, if I get around to it.
Went out to the see the house yesterday, what with it being a holiday and having no work.
House pictures.


X3, spoilers (and lots of them)

Yesterday, Landon was thrilled to stay home. He was bouncy, busy, lots and lots of movement.
Today he’s been quiet. He’s moving just enough to keep me from panicking, making his kick counts and such, but it’s just a little too quiet.
I wondered, briefly, if he was plotting something in there. Then I thought, “Seriously Jen, Lan has like, a brain not as developed as a newborn yet. He can’t possibly be capable of plotting already.”
And a small voice in the back of my head responded with,
“Well, yes, but he is Bobby’s son, so you can’t ever be sure.”

Landon/pregnancy update, 11 weeks to go!

Friday, we helped friends move until 1AM. The move lacked planning, and was overall a not fun thing. (No, I did not lift things. I held open doors). This move was not completed on Friday.
Saturday, despite having been up way to late, I woke up at 7 something, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to get up and go get a present for Damia, as we were going to her birthday party a little after 11 that morning, and hadn’t gotten around to actually buying anything. I ended up getting her a “my little pony” and a microscope, as the last few times I had been to Laura’s, at one point or another, Damia had talked about doing “science experiments” and Laura seemed to think she would like it. I looked at Chemistry sets, but the ages on them were 10 or 12, and even the microscope was actually set up for age 8, but I think that 7 is close enough. The party was good, the food was good, lots of kids were there, and Damia seemed to get a wide variety of “girly” toys. The big exceptions were some books and the microscope.
Then we went out and saw the house:
House progress

Looks like my babyshower will be Sat, June 24th, from 3-6, out in AJ.
Hope to see you there!

Natural Childbirth, and why I don’t want an epidural, not to mention why I am considering shelling out $400-$800 bucks for a doula

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