Well, it looks like we are buying and building. The new lot is just down the street from bobby’ family, and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess its mostly good. Its gonna be odd.
The lot is 1.25 acres and currently has 2 trailers on it, one double wide and one single wide. I guess I am officially white trash now :-p
We are going to have the land surveyed, hopefully, ASAP. Then we can tell where we can build the house. Once we know that, we can decide what to do from that point. The lot is running us 165,000. bobby thinks we can build the house for hopefully around 100,000. that’s the current plan. We are going to build a smaller house than what we want, but set it up so we can easily add on rooms down the road.

Work is interesting. This whole 8 to 5 crap sucks majorly. The drive is blah, takes me 45min to an hour depending on traffic.

Mom’s dog, “Suzy’s Itsy bitsy Mitzy” died yesterday. She was 15 years old, and I still remember the day we went and got her. She was a pure bred Papillion, and could fit easily in one hand.

Saw Willy Wonka, it was good. I think I liked the original better, but that could be because I haven’t seen it in years. I just know that “I’ve got a golden ticket” is stuck in my head.