feb photo meme day 11

Feb photo meme
Day Eleven: Makes you Happy
I was totally going to post a picture of the kids because they do make me smile.
But, for work we’re having a Valentine’s party, and I’m supposed to decorate a “box” for people to put my valentines in. I suck at stuff like that, so I gave it to Bobby and asked him if he could draw on it for me.
This is what he drew


and it totally made me happy.

Feb Photo Meme day 10

Feb photo meme
Day Ten: Self Portrait

Aren’t webcams fun? I took this right before heading out to drop the kids off at school this morning. Then headed into work!

Happy Friday!

Feb photo meme day 9

Feb photo meme
Day Nine: Front Door

Ollie update, speech progress!

Oliver is improving with his talking.  He continues to say “No” to every question, even when the answer is yes.  He’s making good progress with his speech; he had a great session with his speech therapist yesterday.  He was playing with this Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle that she had brought with her, and was saying “Chicken” and “Piggy” and other things (sheep, animal sounds, duck, ect).  He’s getting clearer and adding more words.  He’s still behind, but he’s making progress at an amazing rate.  It’s so wonderful.  He still doesn’t normally use sentences or ask for things.  He will not ask for help.  If he really wants/needs something, he comes and gets me and grabs my hand and leads me to whatever he needs help with.  He won’t ask.  He can say “Mama” but he never calls for me.  It’s either that he comes and gets me or he starts crying.


He’s been able to name body parts on others for a while.  He likes to point at my face and touch my nose and say “nose” and ears and say “ears” and other things.  Yesterday he started doing it to himself!  On his own face!  It was so cute. 


His DSI has been seeing him at school this week due to some scheduling issues, and both she and Ollie’s teacher had some interesting feedback.  Apparently, at school, he follows the rules, stands in line, and even helps pick up!  Oliver is better at doing what his teachers tell him to do than he as at doing what we tell him to do at home.  According the teacher, he was very happy to see his DSI, and talked way more and was much happier with her around, but that he wouldn’t listen to his teacher or do anything he was asked to do by her. 

Landon’s tonsils.

So, about 3-4 weeks ago, when we were in Tuscon, Landon got sick. He never once complained of a sore throat. On Tuesday after we got back, I took him to the doctor, as he was still fevered (day 4). He was cultured for strep, and tested positive. We put him on Amoxicillin, and in less than 24 hours he was his normal, bouncy self. He finished up all of that, and two days later (on a Saturday) was sick again. 

I took him to Urgent Care, he tested positive for strep AGAIN. He got put on penicillin, and in less than 24 hours he was his normal, bouncy self. He finished up all of that, and two days later he was sick again. (Last does Sunday night, sick Tuesday Morning). .

So Tuesday we went to the doctor. STREP AGAIN. So now we are on Cephalexin (I think) and once again, by the end of the day he was pretty much normal. They had me set up a follow up apt for Friday the 17th, as that should be his last day on the meds. This stuff is three times a day.

So on Friday (of next week) if he tests positive, they told me that means he is a “Strep Carrier” and that he might need his tonsils out. My research shows that people who are “Strep Carriers” just have the bacteria hanging out, so they always test positive, but don’t show symptoms normally. So they test positive for strep, but really just have a cold. I don’t think this is the case, because as soon as the meds go away, he ACTS exactly the same, like strep. So if he still has strep and it’s the same case, not going away, how are we going to know if the test is showing strep because he has it, versus because he’s a carrier? I’m expecting him to come back down ill on Sunday the 18th.

If they say he needs his tonsils out, do we do it right away? Don’t we have to go through the ENT and the referral process? I know the ENT has a month wait for an appointment. How do we clear the strep in the meantime? I want Landon to not miss school. Ugh. Also, I’m not a fan of him having surgery if he doesn’t truly need it, and I’m not sure if he NEEDS it or not. Bobby says we’ll just do what the doctor tells us.  (I had my tonsils out when I was a year older than Landon for chronic sore throats) Anyway, advice welcome.

Feb photo meme day 8

Feb photo meme
Day Eight: Sun

Feb Photo Meme day 7

Feb photo meme
Day Seven: Button


I got a reward at work in the form of Amazon money. I used it to buy Landon and myself Kirby’s Epic Yarn. We’re playing through it together after Ollie is in bed, or while Ollie naps. It’s so much fun. I love playing video games with my Landon! When I saw “Button” for the topic, my first thought was of all the buttons in the game!

Feb photo meme day 6

Feb photo meme
Day Six:

Feb photo meme day 5

Feb photo meme
Day five:

Feb Photo Meme

Feb photo meme
Day four:

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