Books of 2010

Since I started tracking books in 2007, this is my “worst” year. I struggled to make my count of 52 books this year. Adding Ollie to our family, writing more, working on my photography, it all just ate up my time! I did manage, but mostly because I took this week off from work, and basically finished 4 books this week. Also, I included the two graphic novels I read in the total count this year. Normally I either don’t count them, or I count them on a separate list. Please note, I did listen to unabridged audio books as well, bringing my total count up to 68 books for the year.

Feel free to ask me what I thought of any of the books I read. I Bolded my favs from this year, but only the “new” books that were my favs. If it’s a re-read, it’s pretty much a book I love.

The best book I read this year was 40. The Atlas of Love By Laurie Frankel. I recommend this book to ALL OF YOU.

Books of 2010


1. Never After By: Laurell K. Hamilton, Sharon Shinn, Y Galenorn, & M Liu
2. Kitty’s House of Horrors By Carrie Vaughn
3. Kitty and the Midnight Hour By Carrie Vaughn (reread)
4. Kitty goes to Washington By Carrie Vaughn (reread)
5. Kitty Takes a Holiday By Carrie Vaughn (reread)
6. Kitty and the Silver Bullet By Carrie Vaughn (reread)
7. Tempting Danger By Eileen Wilks (reread)
8. Mortal Danger By Eileen Wilks (reread)
9. Tempt Me If You Can by Janet Chapman
10. Shift (The Shifters, Book 5) by Rachel Vincent
11. Bloodlines By Eileen Wilks
12. Night Season By Eileen Wilks
13. Mortal Sins By Eileen Wilks
14. Blood Magic By Eileen Wilks
15. On The Prowl (reread) By. P. Briggs, E. Wilks & others
16. Hunting Ground book 2 Alpha and Omega. By Patricia Brigg (reread)
17. Cry Wolf book 1 Alpha and Omega. By Patricia Briggs (reread)
18. Silver Borne By Patricia Briggs
19. Lion’s Heat By Lora Leigh
20. Twice as Hot By Gena Showalter
21. Playing with Fire By Gena Showalter (reread)
22. Storm Front: Book 1 of the Dresden Files By Jim Butcher (reread)
23. Fool Moon: Book 2 of the Dresden Files By Jim Butcher (Reread)
24. Proposition: Marriage By Eileen Wilks
25. No Regrets By Shannon K Butcher
26. Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton
27. Twilight By S. Meyer (reread)
28. New MoonBy S. Meyer (reread)
29. Eclipse By S. Meyer (reread)
30. Breaking Dawn By S. Meyer (reread)
31. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner By S. Meyer
32. Trust Me: Men of Steel By Caroline Cross
33. Reese’s Bride By Kat Martin
34. Wages of Sin by Jenna Maclaine
35. Catching Fire By Suzane Collins
36. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone By JK Rowling
37. Harry Potter book 2 By JK Rowling
38. Mockingjay By Suzane Collins
39. Harry Potter book 3 By JK Rowling
40. The Atlas of Love By Laurie Frankel
41. The Exile Graphic Novel By Diana Gabaldon
42. Harry Potter book 4 By JK Rowling
43. Harry Potter book 5 By JK Rowling
44. Harry Potter book 6 By JK Rowling
45. Harry Potter book 7 By JK Rowling
46. Alpha By Rachel Vincent
47. Kitty goes to War By Carrie Vaughn
48. Waking the Witch By Kelly Armstrong
49. Questionable Content Vol 1 By Jeph Jacques
50. Ten Things I Love About You By Julia Quinn
51. The Digital Photography Book 1 By Scott Kelby
52. Now and Forever By Kimberly Raye

AudioBooks: (All Unabridged unless otherwise noted)

1. The Gathering Storm By Brian Sanderson and Robert Jordan
2. Black Magic Sanction By Kim Harrison
3. Small Favors (Dresden Book) By Jim Butcher
4. Dead in the Family (Sookie) By Charlene Harris
5. Changes (Dresden Book) By Jim Butcher
6. Furies of the Calderon By Jim Butcher
7. Academ’s Fury By Jim Butcher
8. Cursor’s Fury By Jim Butcher
9. Capitan’s Fury By Jim Butcher
10. Princeps Fury By Jim Butcher
11. First Lord’s Fury By Jim Butcher
12. Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey
13. Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey
14. Packing for Mars By Mary Roach
15. Old Man’s War By John Scalzi (re-read)
16. Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey

at the bottom of the sidebar is the link to past years book lists. Feel free to explore!

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