My week off.

Happy New Year!
I went to the zoo twice this week. I had this week off from work, which was very nice. I spent Monday home with two sick boys, and I got caught up on my reading some while they napped. Tuesday everyone was better, and I took them both to school. I have to pay for school this week whether they went or not, so I decided I had earned a little me time. Tuesday, I went to the Zoo. I took my camera and took a ton of pictures of the animals. It was so much fun! Also, the zoom on the lens made it feel like I was in the cage with the animals! I loved it.

On Weds I kept Landon home from school, (Ollie is only enrolled Tues/Thurs, Landon goes Mon through Thurs.) and we went to the zoo again! This time we went with friends, and it was raining! So weird to be out in the rain like that, it so rarely rains all day here. We had a lot of fun. We were there for about 2.5 hours, and once it started to get cold we loaded up and went home. I did not take my good camera, because of the rain. Instead I took my waterproof camera, so the pictures are not as nice, but we got a few cute ones of the kids. Full Zoo Picture Set Here, both days, both cameras.

I really narrowed it down, on my first day out at the zoo, I took 1,024 pictures with my camera. I only took 36 pictures on the day it rained with the kids though.

Thursday I had a Groupon that I was given by my wonderful SIL Chandra for a mani-pedi over at La Vive Nails . They were the place that was in the news last year for having the fish do pedicures! The fish were gone now, thanks to the ruling that they couldn’t properly sanitize the fish between users. I was rather amused to find my niece Nicki using her groupon for her birthday at the same time as me! I haven’t gotten to spend any one on one time with Nicki in forever, it was great to hang out with her! I also tried something new and got my nails shellaced. The polish is supposed to last at least 2 weeks without chipping! We will see, but so far, so good. I had a pedicure with a sugar scrub, which was nice. My toes and fingers look so cute!

I spent the rest of Thursday reading a book and making Buffalo Chicken Dip to take to Laura’s for Hench Dinner. It was a fun dinner, and I enjoyed staying late, as Bobby was sweet and took Ollie home so Landon and I could hang out. Landon fell asleep on the way home! Hench dinner is one of my most favorite things.

Landon had some excitement at school on Thursday, it SNOWED! His whole class got to go outside and catch snowflakes! How totally awesome is that!

Today we went out to eat at Jason’s Deli and then got Ice Cream over at Sub Zero Ice Cream. Landon requested it, even though it is freezing out there. He doesn’t normally get ice cream, but they have soy (dairy free) ice cream. He loves it. After that we hit the mall. Right now we are hanging out and doing some chores before heading over to Laura’s for a small New Year’s gathering and board game night! Should be a blast!

Also, check out the full list of Books of 2010, now complete.


Elephant Boys

Me and Ollie

Wet Boys

Tiger Tongue

real men wear kids

unicorn (oryx)

Pierced Rhino Iguana.

Tortoise foot!

Baby Orangutan

Orangutan artful pose


I love the reflection in this one

giraffe tongue!

Out for a walk

zoo (99)

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