Emily and Landon Emily and Landon
This is either an I love you kiss, or an attempt to bite of Em’s nose. 4/21/07
You have a mouth! You have a mouth!
I like mouths. 4/21/07
Hi Mom! Hi Mom!
I want a ride!! 4/21/07
Emily pushes Landon Emily pushes Landon
Wow! Wow!
The horn works! Thanks Em!! 4/21/07
Let me try Let me try
maybe it tastes good maybe it tastes good
I'm a caged baby! I’m a caged baby!
Baby proofing 101 by Dad 4/21/07
I'm going to try and go over I’m going to try and go over
But the gates hold him in his baby prison. 4/21/07
Let me out mom! Let me out mom!

It’s been a huge month for Landon. First his first vacation, then self feeding Cheerios, finally saying MAMA, and now, he can crawl FORWARDS!
And let me tell you, today he’s been a terror with the crawling! Still, I’m so proud of him!!!!

A short (18 second) video of forward crawling:

and a long (2 minutes 25 seconds) video of him self feeding and saying MAMA and DADA:

Sippy Cup! Sippy Cup!
Pulling himself up on the furniture Pulling himself up on the furniture
He was more up, but by the time I got my camera. . . . 4/15/07
4/15/07 4/15/07
just being cute
daddy sets up the swing daddy sets up the swing
swinging swinging
top teeth coming in! top teeth coming in!
laughing laughing
smiles smiles

Letter from mom month 8

Dear Landon,
I’m a little late this month. Work has been crazy for me, and I just didn’t want to go near the computer this weekend. You turned 8 months old this past Saturday. We spent Saturday afternoon at your cousin’s birthday party, which you seemed to enjoy. You fell asleep during the party, on grandma’s shoulder, despite the people running around and the three year olds screaming.
It was a big month for you. This past month you took your very first plane ride. You have now been to Portland, Oregon. We stayed in a hotel and everything. You seemed to handle most of it without any major issues. Well, that’s not totally true, we had a heck of a time getting you to eat solid foods while we were on vacation. Still, you’ve made up for it since we got back. You now eat at least 2 jars of solid food a day, sometimes as many as 4! We started you on Cheerios last week. The first time was scary, you choked on the first few, but now you seem to have the hang of it. You love the Cheerios. You still get a morning and bedtime 8 oz bottle, but the rest of the day you vary on how many bottles you get.
You stayed healthy the entire month, and we got back the results from your blood test. You are rather allergic to any dairy product. This means no cheese, no butter, no milk, no dairy of any kind. It’s been interesting, and I really hope you outgrow this issue. Eighty percent of babies with a milk allergy outgrow it by the time they are 3. No matter what, we are supposed to avoid it for another year, which means that your dad and I are now experimenting with food. I’m working on a dairy free cake, so hopefully the recipie will be perfected by your first birthday.
You now are getting in your top four teeth, all at the same time. It makes you a teething monster! You also have taken to biting me, and I hope you stop that soon. I do not like being bitten. You have the power to leave tiny teeth marks.
You have started to show small signs of separation anxiety, but in general are happy to be with anyone and everyone. I sometimes worry that you love Laura as much as or more than me, as you spend so much time with her. Still, you managed to delight me this weekend by saying MaMa to me. You don’t seem to understand that DADA is Dad and Mama is Me yet, but you do now say both.
Your crawling is stuck in backwards mode, but you get where you want to go when you try. You love to walk, supported by a person who can help you move forward. You just started to pull yourself up on furniture.
You are so amazing to me, you babble and talk, you have accurate hand eye coordination (gamer that you will be), and can just do so much!
Love Always,

landon and em landon and em
profile profile
Landon at his cousins birthday party Landon at his cousins birthday party
bouncing with grandma bouncing with grandma
held by cousin Bree held by cousin Bree
asleep on grandma asleep on grandma
hanging with dad hanging with dad

Baby’s first Easter

easter happiness easter happiness
playing with easter basket prizes 4/8/07 playing with easter basket prizes 4/8/07
must get easter goodies must get easter goodies
easter eggs and mom easter eggs and mom
easter eggs and dad easter eggs and dad
4/8/07 4/8/07
Oh great and powerful egg 4/8/07 Oh great and powerful egg 4/8/07
4/8/07 4/8/07
4/8/07 4/8/07
Look What I found!
4/8/07 4/8/07
4/8/07 4/8/07

a cute hat a cute hat
and dough nuts
landon on a nature walk landon on a nature walk
Landon 4/4/07 Landon 4/4/07
family picture 4/4/07 family picture 4/4/07
In Portland, on a nature walk
landon and me landon and me
in front of a fallen tree
landon and daddy 4/4/07 landon and daddy 4/4/07
landon on a log landon on a log
watching the planes watching the planes
playing with daddy playing with daddy
playing with daddy playing with daddy
playing with daddy playing with daddy

after the weddig after the weddig
Aswad and Landon meet Aswad and Landon meet
Aswad, Bobby, Landon Aswad, Bobby, Landon
at Tao of Tea in Portland 4/2/07
Landon bath Landon bath
and my new haircut 4/2/07
landon bath landon bath
and my haircut 4/2/07
Portland zoo time Portland zoo time
landon looks at fish 4/3/07
Landon at the zoo Landon at the zoo
fishes! fishes!
landon meets sealions landon meets sealions
Daddy is freezing Daddy is freezing
We went when the zoo opened at 9AM. it was very cold for the first hour we were there. 4/3/07
watching fish watching fish
meeting a monkey meeting a monkey
elephants elephants
elephant trike elephant trike
Landon meets elephants Landon meets elephants
a bench with our name on it! a bench with our name on it!
4/3/07 at the Portland OR Zoo
Africa greens Africa greens
watching birds watching birds
rhino butt rhino butt
daddy love daddy love
landon at the zoo landon at the zoo
at the bat (s) at the bat (s)
snacking with the gators snacking with the gators
mom's got you mom’s got you
watching the gators watching the gators
passed out in the stoller passed out in the stoller
after a hard two hour trip around the zoo 4/3/07
and asleep in the car and asleep in the car
didn’t even wake up going from the stroller to the car. 4/3