Landon on the couch! Landon on the couch!
Like a big boy. 02/07
he's so proud he’s so proud
Yum, Pizza Yum, Pizza
Landon likes pizza…. 02/07
At Laura's At Laura’s
sitting up sitting up
He looks like he is ready to game. 02/22/07
Laura Laura
and the two little girls she watches on Thursday. 02/22/07
Landon Landon
being cute again 02/22/07
Landon meets grandma Landon meets grandma
at the great fair at the great fair
in fountain hills 02/25/07
the fountian the fountian
Strolling Strolling
Landon in his stroller at the great fair. 02/25/07
attempting the crawling attempting the crawling
and not managing it. 02/25/07
At Mi Amigos At Mi Amigos
three generations three generations
Grandpa, Dad, and Landon 02/25/07
Double Grandmas Double Grandmas
Landon with both Grandmas. 02/25/07
Landon swings Landon swings
On Grandma’s back porch 02/25/07
Grandpa and Daddy Grandpa and Daddy
play with Landon and a paper towel hat. 02/25/07
Mom and the bird Mom and the bird
Mickey’s bird bonds with my mother. 02/25/07
Grandpa has a cold one and watches TV with his Grandson. 02/25/07

2/4/07 JC Penneys

2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys
2/4/07 JC Penneys

Landon’s six month birthday.

Valentines baby Valentines baby
strike a pose strike a pose
its all in the eyes its all in the eyes
big grins big grins
happy smiles happy smiles
the teeth! the teeth!
you can see one, and the other one is coming in right next to it! 2/14/07
fascinated fascinated
surrounded by his favorite things surrounded by his favorite things
Dru, Me, food, and teething beads. 02/14/2007
here puppy! here puppy!
the powerr of spoon the powerr of spoon
with Go Diego on in the background 2/14/2007
puzzled puzzled
artistic artistic
I love this one 02/14/2007
hand signs hand signs
hitchiking hitchiking
push ups push ups
not crawling not crawling
profile profile
Swingin Swingin
Landon David Landon David
smiling again 02/14/2007
Evil eyes Evil eyes
ending the day with a walk ending the day with a walk

For Comparison, check out this picture:

tiny swinging boy tiny swinging boy
Landon at 1 week old. August 2006

Verses the picture of him in the swing up above! In this one his feet/legs were so small you can’t even see them out the bottom of the swing.

And here is 1:30 video of Landon talking to Dru

Letter from mom month 6

Dear Landon,

Happy six months! Today, we went to the doctor. You officially weigh 19.8lbs and are 28.5 inches tall.

You are sick, again. You’ve been sick a lot. We had to go to the emergency room this month because we were worried you were going to stop breathing on us. You were fine, and they sent us home. Last night we almost went again, as you had a fever of 104.4, which scared me half to death. We called the doctor, who had us start alternating Motrin and Tylenol, and that slowly brought the fever down, thank goodness. I am looking forward to the cold and flu season passing.

This month you have started to move around. When we put you on the ground, you can move from one point to another along the floor. You don’t crawl yet, but you roll around, or pull yourself about. One of the things you will do is stay in a sitting position for a while, and then decide you want to reach for something. (Usually Dru-Kitty). You then reach out, and topple forward, only to land on your face. This always upsets you to no end, even when you are on a soft surface, like a bed. I usually have the boppy around you, so the only way for you to fall and hurt yourself is forward.

We started solid foods this month. You’ve had Peas, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, rice cereal, and oatmeal. You seem to really enjoy the foods, except the bananas. The first few times you tried to eat, I think there was more on the outside than actually made it down into your belly, but now you seem to be getting the hang of it. There is still a mess, but I know you get to eat a lot as well!

You have really started to reach for things. You now change the tunes on your mobile by reaching out and pushing the buttons. You also reach for your toys, and hold onto them. You can reliably get things into your mouth. You have also found, and are fascinated by, your toes. You have also gotten to the point where you can let me know if you want to be picked up. You will stretch both arms out to me when you want up. It is absolutely adorable.

Part of me is so proud and surprised that you are already six months old. Another part of me can’t believe you’ve only been in our lives for such a short period of time. You have become such a huge part of our family; I just can’t imagine life without you.

We love you Landon, now and always. Happy first valentines day, and happy six month birthday.



Landon woke up Landon woke up
and needed a diaper change and needed a diaper change
then he got dressed too then he got dressed too
He was fussy He was fussy
So we took his temperature, he had a fever of 100.5, so we gave him some Tylenol.
we went to go to lunch we went to go to lunch
Landon smelled like his diaper was dirty, so daddy went back in to check
Landon was unhappy in his carseat, so I held him for a bit Landon was unhappy in his carseat, so I held him for a bit
at TGI Fridays 2/11/07
unhappy Landon unhappy Landon
in his carseat while I attempted to eat at Fridays 2/11/07
landon's lunch landon’s lunch
Landon and I played Landon and I played
and then he went down for a nap and then he went down for a nap
Landon woke up Landon woke up
and had another bottle and had another bottle
then we laid down to play on the floor in the living room then we laid down to play on the floor in the living room
landon was teething landon was teething
so he played with his teether. I can feel the next tooth, and am hoping the fever is just teething related at this point. 2/11/07
landon went down for another nap landon went down for another nap
He takes 3 a day. One for 20-60 minutes in the morning (8-9AM), one for 1-3 hours in the afternoon (usually goes down around noon), and then one for about 20-60 minutes around 4-5ish. 2/11/07
Bobby gave Landon a bath Bobby gave Landon a bath
and then we put him to bed. 2/11/07

cute shirt cute shirt
Bobby’s parents got him this when they were in OR last time. 2/5/07
big blue eyes big blue eyes
surprised look! 2/5/07
Carrots! Carrots!
Daddy feeding Daddy feeding
happy baby at laura's happy baby at laura’s
Laura and Landon Laura and Landon
Laura and Landon playing Laura and Landon playing
tired baby tired baby
this is how we know he is tired. 2/10/07
stork bites stork bites
you can see them fairly well in this picture. 2/10/07
Landon loves dru Landon loves dru
and Dru puts up with a lot from him, I’ve never seen her make a move to hurt him either. I also don’t leave them alone together, just to be safe. 2/10/07
Landon pulls on Dru Landon pulls on Dru
Kitty looks tasty Kitty looks tasty
bite the kitty bite the kitty
2/10/07 I wish Landon would stop attempting to eat the dru. He ends up with a mouthful of hair, and its so gross. I stopped him and cleaned him up and separated him and dru. 2/10/07
together again together again
and Dru came right back for more. 2/10/07
Dru Hugging Dru Hugging
No Kitty! Don't leave me!!! No Kitty! Don’t leave me!!!
Dru finally had enough and went away after about 10 minutes of playing with him 2/10/07
yummy beads yummy beads
rolling over with the beads rolling over with the beads
and rolling back with the beads and rolling back with the beads
hey mom hey mom
whats this string coming off of the brand new camera dad bought you? 2/10/07
chewy chewy
I think I’ll eat it! (as he almost yanks the camera from my hands) 2/10/07
maybe I'll have maybe I’ll have
my toes instead of the camera. 2/10/07
is that a fan up there? is that a fan up there?
playing with Whale playing with Whale
Which his Aunt Heather brought him back from sea world a few months ago. It crinkles. 2/10/07

1 minute video of Landon, where I manage to show off his tooth. He smiles a lot in this video, but nothing really interesting happens.

Thailand the kitten

the tooth the tooth
The white spot on his gums? thats a tooth. And thats the best picture I could get. 2/1/07
baby seal baby seal
He just kinda looks like one in this picture, I think its the pose. 2/3/07
I be a pirate! 2/3/07
ah, I have found my toes again. ah, I have found my toes again.
tasty toes tasty toes
toes and thumb toes and thumb
Even more toes! Even more toes!
I love how the one foot is giving us a close up of toes, while he focuses all his energy on getting the other toes to his mouth. 2/3/07
got it! got it!
Almost all the toes in the mouth. the other foot was flailing about wildly! 2/3/07
happiness is toes happiness is toes