Landon on the couch! Landon on the couch!
Like a big boy. 02/07
he's so proud he’s so proud
Yum, Pizza Yum, Pizza
Landon likes pizza…. 02/07
At Laura's At Laura’s
sitting up sitting up
He looks like he is ready to game. 02/22/07
Laura Laura
and the two little girls she watches on Thursday. 02/22/07
Landon Landon
being cute again 02/22/07
Landon meets grandma Landon meets grandma
at the great fair at the great fair
in fountain hills 02/25/07
the fountian the fountian
Strolling Strolling
Landon in his stroller at the great fair. 02/25/07
attempting the crawling attempting the crawling
and not managing it. 02/25/07
At Mi Amigos At Mi Amigos
three generations three generations
Grandpa, Dad, and Landon 02/25/07
Double Grandmas Double Grandmas
Landon with both Grandmas. 02/25/07
Landon swings Landon swings
On Grandma’s back porch 02/25/07
Grandpa and Daddy Grandpa and Daddy
play with Landon and a paper towel hat. 02/25/07
Mom and the bird Mom and the bird
Mickey’s bird bonds with my mother. 02/25/07
Grandpa has a cold one and watches TV with his Grandson. 02/25/07


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