cute shirt cute shirt
Bobby’s parents got him this when they were in OR last time. 2/5/07
big blue eyes big blue eyes
surprised look! 2/5/07
Carrots! Carrots!
Daddy feeding Daddy feeding
happy baby at laura's happy baby at laura’s
Laura and Landon Laura and Landon
Laura and Landon playing Laura and Landon playing
tired baby tired baby
this is how we know he is tired. 2/10/07
stork bites stork bites
you can see them fairly well in this picture. 2/10/07
Landon loves dru Landon loves dru
and Dru puts up with a lot from him, I’ve never seen her make a move to hurt him either. I also don’t leave them alone together, just to be safe. 2/10/07
Landon pulls on Dru Landon pulls on Dru
Kitty looks tasty Kitty looks tasty
bite the kitty bite the kitty
2/10/07 I wish Landon would stop attempting to eat the dru. He ends up with a mouthful of hair, and its so gross. I stopped him and cleaned him up and separated him and dru. 2/10/07
together again together again
and Dru came right back for more. 2/10/07
Dru Hugging Dru Hugging
No Kitty! Don't leave me!!! No Kitty! Don’t leave me!!!
Dru finally had enough and went away after about 10 minutes of playing with him 2/10/07
yummy beads yummy beads
rolling over with the beads rolling over with the beads
and rolling back with the beads and rolling back with the beads
hey mom hey mom
whats this string coming off of the brand new camera dad bought you? 2/10/07
chewy chewy
I think I’ll eat it! (as he almost yanks the camera from my hands) 2/10/07
maybe I'll have maybe I’ll have
my toes instead of the camera. 2/10/07
is that a fan up there? is that a fan up there?
playing with Whale playing with Whale
Which his Aunt Heather brought him back from sea world a few months ago. It crinkles. 2/10/07

1 minute video of Landon, where I manage to show off his tooth. He smiles a lot in this video, but nothing really interesting happens.

Thailand on her first night with us Thailand on her first night with us
She made friends with Mel, who almost took her home. 2/3/07
Thailand and Morocco Thailand and Morocco
thailand in the baby's toys thailand in the baby’s toys
Thailand and Dru Thailand and Dru
who have stolen one of Landon’s slings. 2/8/07
Thailand Thailand
she’s getting friendlier. 2/10/07


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