sick little boy sick little boy
stork bites stork bites
tthhhhbbbtttt! tthhhhbbbtttt!
thinking about my blocks thinking about my blocks
flipping over flipping over
it almost looks like he is attempting to crawl, but he’s really just rolling over, 1/31/07
dragon tails dragon tails
big blue eyes big blue eyes
I see Dru! I see Dru!
He loves Dru. Dru seems okay with him. 1/31/07
got your tail! got your tail!
Dru HATES having her tail played with. She got up and left after this. 1/31/07
I have Toes! I have Toes!
playing with my toes playing with my toes
watching TV while giggling watching TV while giggling

Here is a 50 second video of my boy playing on 1/31/07, in the afternoon.
At 7AM, we had rushed him to ER, because he is ill, and was having trouble breathing. After about 4 hours in ER we got a clean bill of health, and went home.
At 1:30PM he went to the doctor for another check, and had a catheter,sent into his sinus cavity, and then had it vacuumed out. It helped him a lot.
We suspect he has RVS, but it could just be a very bad cold.

Oatmeal Oatmeal
I prefer to play with my food, rather than eat it. 1/21/07
standing standing
Hold on mom! I just want to eat this starfish…. 1/22/07
Toes! Toes!
I think I am getting the hang of this thing you call “chair” 1/22/07
big blue eyes big blue eyes
toys! toys!
pick a button pick a button
I think I’ll choose that one! 1/24/07
eat the ring eat the ring
I’ll pretend its a donut 1/24/07
Grandma is giving me my first bite of veggies, Organic Sweet Peas! 1/24/07
more peas more peas
Grandpa took over feeding me. 1/24/07

and a video:
Landon attempts to crawl, but fails, and gets angry: 1 min 8 seconds.

Serious Face Serious Face
Mom loves Landon Mom loves Landon
I am the King I am the King
and I rule from my Elmo Chair. 1/07
Food! Food!
Rice cereal everywhere, 1/07
I don't look like Daddy at all. I don’t look like Daddy at all.
Really. 1/20/07
1/20/07 1/20/07
1/21/07 1/21/07
Misbehaving with Daddy
1/21/07 1/21/07
Misbehaving with Mommy.

diet day 9

I was going to say that we weren’t going to talk about yesterday, because I had failed my will power roll.  But thats not what this is about.  This diet posting is supposed to be about honesty.  It’s supposed to help me be honest with myself about what I ate.  So try not to judge to harshly!

Weight this morning: 183 (again).  I want a new scale.  See, I stepped onto it once and got 183.  Then I stepped on it again a few minutes later and got 182.2! In my shock, I attempted again and got 184.8.  Nothing had changed between the weights.  Stupid scale.

Report card from yesterday:
1/2 a banana: 40 
100 cal snack pack of popcorn: 100
LC Pizza: 350
Reeses Peanutbutter cups w/carmel, 2 cups or 1 package: 190
Dove dark chocolate pieces (2): 75
100 cal snack pack of shortbread cookies (also X2): 200
Organic New York Strip Steak:  450
Corn: 200
3 Cookies: 300

Grand Total: 1905
Grade: F

So basically, if I had kept the willpower and avoided the chocolate, had 2 cookies instead of 3, and only 1 snack pack of shortbreads, I would have been just fine.  Crazy, insane, and stabby, but fine on my calories.

The good news? Workout: 1.5 miles with Tiff from work.

I’m back on the wagon today.  I swear.

Letter from mom month 5

Dear Landon,
Five Months Today! You are sick, its your very first stomach flu, which is not fun. You also had your first Ear infection in the last week. Your health has been an obstacle for us, but thankfully, you haven’t had anything serious.

Your very first Christmas passed us by in a whirlwind. The whole Mayer clan showed up. You were very well behaved for most of the day. You didn’t seem to understand the concept of a present. You did rip apart one, with lots of help from your parents. You got many cute little toys which you seem to enjoy. Some of it is for babies older than you, but most of it you will be able to use next month.

Your first Hanukah brought you all the things you needed to start solid food. We did give you some last weekend, but you spit most of it out. We decided to wait a week and try again today, but with your flu bug, we changed our minds. You have had rice cereal so far, but soon I hope to add veggies and such to your diet.

You started daycare! You go to Laura’s house during the week. For this first month you have been going every day I have to work. It is more often than I want you to go, but I should be able to start telecommuting soon, which will mean you can stay home more often.

On Christmas day, you started to do the most amazing thing. If I pulled you into a sitting position, then you could stay there. Even then, you went from only being able to sit up if you leaned on your hands, to being able to stay upright and reach for things. I am so proud of you!

Despite your illness, despite being apart from Mom during the workday, you are such a happy baby. You are wonderful, amazing, and adorable. Such a happy baby, always quick to smile at everyone.

Thank you for being so fantastic, and for being in our lives.



diet day 6

no weight today. had to take care of landon, didn’t get to weight in.

Slept thru breakfast.
2 soft tacos (tacobell) 420
Homade Turkeyburger w/cheese & ketchup on special bun:
Potato, sliced and baked in the oven like frys,
w/ketchup 350
100 calorie penut butter cookies snack pack with 2
glasses of milk: 300
Total: 1420-ish

workout- not really.

diet day 5

Weight today: 182.6 lbs
rice cakes: 70
small salad with light ranch dressing: 230
1/2 Papa murphy’s pizza 600
3 chocolate chip cookies 300
milk fat free 70
total: 1270

Workout: Walk with Tiff, 1.96 miles according to her pedometer.

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