a long history of jobs

Bobby and I were watching Dirty Jobs last night, and they had one of those “fun facts” about how the average number of jobs a person will have in their lifetime is 11.

I thought about it for a minute, and discounting “temp jobs” made through a temp agency that lasted less than week, I’m still over that count. I thought it might be fun to try to list them all, and kept forgetting some.

So, I’ve worked the following Jobs: (some names of some companies have been changed for their protection)

AAA Organ Service (this was working for my dad, so you can discount it if you want. although I made good money and paid taxes on it, and I worked there for 8 years from May of 1993 through September 01, all part time.) I was the “secretary” and I did a lot the book keeping.

When I was 16 going on 17 I worked for a movie theatre for a summer. I worked at the Fiesta 5 location in Mesa, and had a blast. They pay sucked, but it was a fun job and I got to see free movies. I quit this job when it was time to go back to school.

When I started college at ASU, I lived on campus in the dorms at Cholla hall for my freshman year, so I got an on campus job as well. I worked as a student aid in the Honors College. I wasn’t in the honor’s college, I just worked there. I mostly filed paperwork, to be honest. It paid okay, and worked around my crazy school schedule.

At the end of my freshman year, I moved off campus, and into a house with Fyr and Bobby. I didn’t have a car, so I was looking for jobs with Fyr. My dad recommended we hit the Answering Service that he had used for years, and he put in a good word for us. So Fyr and I started working for the Answering Service. We made okay money for our experience. We then proceeded to get some of our friends hired, and soon Josh, Liz, and Laura (yes, Laura who watches Landon) all worked with us. The job was okay; we answered phones for lots of local companies and took messages for them. The hours weren’t great though, no benefits, and an ever changing schedule.

One day I was on campus and I saw an ad for call center reps for RPS. The pay was much higher than what I was making. Josh and I went and applied, and lo, we were hired. BUT, then there was some mix up with our start dates. I had already quit the answering service, so I went job hunting again.

I got work at a high end plumbing fixture supply store, in Phoenix. I hated that job. I helped sell upscale plumbing items. Well, I did backend work, I didn’t actually sell things. I put together proposals and orders for others, and I was in charge of shredding. That’s the main thing I remember, is the pretty plumbing fixtures and the shredding. Also, my boss was a BITCH, and I hated her, and the job. I quit after about two months, when RPS called me back and said that my start date would be the first of the New Year. I admit, I just called the place and said my car broke, I can’t fix it, and I won’t be back, no notice, nothing.

So I started out 2000 by going to work in the Call Center at RPS, which, while I worked there, changed its name to FedEx Ground. Basically I traced packages. I sat at a desk, took a ton of calls, and when something was lost I called the hubs, where the packages were. I would tell a “Service Manager” or a “Q&A” person to find the box. I’d never been in a hub, but I decided I wanted to be a “Service Manager” some day. I really liked that job. In fact, Laura came to work there with Josh and I, and we stole a few other co-works from Aztec as well.

In the meantime, I started attending the business college at ASU to get my degree, and they had this huge job fair. I put my resume out, but I didn’t hear back.

One day in late April, I got a phone call from Motorola. They had an internship available for someone in my field, no interview needed. Three month summer job, pay was a couple of dollars above my pay at FedEx. I was trying to save money for the wedding and possible move, and the internship promised experience in my field of study. So I quit FedEx, and went to work for Motorola.

I really don’t remember much of what I actually did at Motorola. I was an assistant to Lisa, who was in “Configuration Management” or something like that. She was going through a rough spot financially and in her marriage both, as her husband and spent a lot of their money without telling her. She spent a lot of time crying. I did some computer work, helped set up IS9000 documentation, updated things in an older system, and went to meetings. Also, I attended “Intern Events” once a week, where we went and had lunch or dinner with higher ups, or explored areas of interest in the valley, while getting paid. It was a good gig, however I didn’t get a job offer out of them, which was fine with me, I wasn’t done with my schooling, and we were getting married and moving to Portland.

So in 2000 Bobby got his degree and offered the job in Portland, and we moved. I focused on my school for a while, as it was a new school and I was dealing with transfer credits and trying to get residency. Off topic, I failed to get residency, and was left with two choices, A) pay an arm and a leg for out of state tuition and finish my degree in another two or three semesters, or B) go part time and pay in state tuition, dragging out my degree for another three years. I chose option B.

Back on topic, so I got a job at the Mervyn’s that was walking distance to our house for our first holiday season in Portland. This was wonderful, I got a good employee discount, and then we got a Christmas discount bonus if we did not call in sick and showed up on time for all of December. The work was okay, but mind numbing. I was in inventory control and recovery. I also covered the lingerie department a lot, because the girl who worked there kept calling out sick. After day after Christmas, I got to go hit the after Christmas sale at the store I worked at, used my coupon and my employee discount, and bought about $600 worth of clothes, towels, sheets, and other things for the house for less than $200. And then I quit, I’d hired on as a seasonal employee, and they wanted to keep me, but the pay SUCKED.

So I ended up at SITEL, which was a third party call center hired to do customer service for General Motors. I met Mike at SITEL, which was the very best part of working there. Basically, anytime someone got really upset about the GM car they owned, be it a Chevy, an Oldsmobile, a Pontiac, a Cadillac, or a GMC truck, they called me. Then they yelled, about how horrible everything was, for a long time. I’d listen to them yell, let them vent it all out. Then, I’d take there information. Then I called the dealership that “mistreated” the customer, and get their side. Then I’d work as a mediator between them. If that didn’t work, I gave the customer a free oil change. Needless to say, I got yelled at a lot.
So I quit after six months. I had started there with a class of about 20 people. When I quit, only four remained. High turnover type of a job.

After that, I worked for the much famed flower job. See, many of the internet flowers and gift basket sites are all run by the same two or three companies, and one of those is gifttree.com. I don’t recommend them. I worked for them for about a month. When they hired me, they were desperate. The very top of their pay scale and the very bottom of my pay scale matched, so they hired me at the very top of the scale. I worked a ton of overtime and weekends for them during that month. Basically, people called and ordered flowers, or placed orders over the phone. I’d then call a local flower shop and tell them what we wanted, and then gifttree paid a discounted price. So say you are in AZ ordered a dozen roses with a balloon to be delivered to your Mom in IL. I then call a local floweriest in the town you want the flowers delivered, and I ask them, “Can you do it for X price?” And if they say yes, I placed the order. If they said no, I called another shop. I liked the job. It wasn’t a big company. I wanted to get a promotion to work downstairs with gift baskets, and work on shipping, packing, and styling them, as well as inventory and all other sorts of Supply Chain stuff.

Anyway, after I’d been there about a month, they hired four new people. These people were not very skilled and had to be taught the basics of how to use the computer. After these people had about a weeks worth of training, the owners called me into their office. They told me they had to let me go.

I laughed. I honestly thought it was a joke. My performance was wonderful; I willingly took on extra shifts and extra work. I had a great attitude and even a career goal.

They weren’t joking. They also refused to tell me WHY I was being let go. They said that since I hadn’t been there 90 days they didn’t have to tell me anything. I then had to go back to my work area to get my bags. When I walked in, I was crying. My direct manager saw me and came over, all worried, asking what was wrong. When I told him I had just been fired, and he was horrified! Apparently they hadn’t even discussed this with my direct manager.

Basically what I suspect happened is that the new girls came in at the bottom of the pay scale, so they let me go, since I was at the top ( so I was $2 an hour more expensive than them) but in reality, I’ll never know for sure.

After that, I became a Service Manager at the Portland Hub for FedEx Ground. I worked nights from 2:30AM till we were done, which tended to be around 8AM. It was part time, and it was hard work. I liked many things about the job, and hated other things. It was also dirty and dangerous. The only time in my life that my life flashed before my eyes, where I honestly thought I was done for, was at FedEx. I was a manager, and I managed package handlers in the loading and unloading of trucks. There was a lot more to it than that, but there are the basics. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it.

Then, in early 2003, I finally finished my degree in Business Supply Chain Management. After some waffling and job hunting, I got a promotion at FedEx, to Fulltime. I was now working from about 9PM to 9AM. I started working in line-haul, which had to do with scheduling trucks to go places and dealing with the long haul drivers (not local routes). It was fun, but the hours killed me. They killed me in ways I don’t want to go into. So to save my friendships, my marriage, and my sanity, I kept job hunting.

In October of 2003, I finally got a job at an industrial supply store as an assistant to manager. At least that’s what they told me it was. They lied. I quit my night job at FedEx, to go to a normal, 8-5 job. This was good. But the job was so bad. I sold things to people, I counted inventory, and I shipped boxes. No managerial experience happening and the materials we sold held no interest. The job was dull and boring. I hated it. So I kept hunting. Eventually, through a mutual decision between me and my boss, I left Grainger.

I was offered a job at Wilshire, in customer service. It was a call center offering customer service and collection on mortgages. They did not own the mortgages, just serviced the loans. The pay was decent; the job had upward mobility, and was overall a nice place to work. I liked it. I didn’t love it, but it worked for me, and didn’t require a lot of brain power. I was there for over a month, when I got another job offer from another company.

I’d interviewed with Mercer Delta while job hunting, before I took the Wilshire job. The MD job offered better pay and better positioning, but it was an unknown. I was happy at Wilshire, but in the end, the lure of more money and better job was too much. I gave my 2 weeks notice at Wilshire.

Mercer Delta was a dream job. I was officially the Fulfillment Coordinator. I was head of shipping. I was head of inventory. I was head of the department. I had an assistant. I made good money. I set my own hours. We had monthly team meetings where Wine and Cheese was served. The biggest problem with the job was that they really needed a perfectionist in the role, which I’m not, but I was faking it pretty well. But I wanted to move back to Arizona. I wanted to be close to Bobby’s family and close to Laura and our other friends when the time came to have children. And I had baby fever bad. At the point which we finally moved home, I’d wanted to start TTCing for almost a year, but we had waited.

So in June of 2005 we packed up our stuff and moved back to Arizona. Bobby had gotten the Project manager position, so he could work from anywhere in the country, meaning he had a job he could do from AZ. That was the final catalyst. I quit my wonderful job at Mercer, and we headed for home.

I had been applying to jobs in AZ for a couple of months before the move. I’d had some phone interviews, and I had more interviews set up for when we arrived. As we were driving down to AZ, I got a phone call from AcronymCo, from Justin, who called to offer me the job of Transaction specialist, basically, an assistant buyer. The job required me to take a pay cut, and work set hours, but a job is a job, and I was just looking for something to do until I had a baby. So I took the job, pay cut and all.

When I was pregnant with Landon, I knew I wasn’t coming back to AcronymCo as TS, because they were eliminating the position, and because I was sick of the position. While on maternity leave, I was trying to decide what to do. I went into work to have lunch with a coworker, (namely Snerk) and while I was there, my boss pulled me aside, and offered me the Buyer job.

So now I’m a Buyer. I like it. It’s not as nice as awesome the Mercer job, but I’m finally making more money than I was there. I love my current boss and I enjoy my work environment. So I suspect I’ll be here a while. I’ve been with this company now longer than I’d been with any other company, discounting the family business, of course.

So let me see, that’s 16 jobs for 14 different companies. 17 if you count the two different flavors of Service manager I was. I’m counting my current job as the second job with AcronymCo, and I worked for FedEx twice. I gave two weeks notice at all of the jobs when I quit, with the exception of bad upscale plumbing place and Gifttree. I’m still not happy with the way Gifttree treated me.

That is a lot of jobs. I’m not sure how I feel about it. That’s also not counting a couple of one or two day temp jobs I did.

How many jobs have you had? How many places? (feel free to post the answer meme style to your own journal!)

the reason I’m getting a kindle, according to bobby

I maintain I want it for ebooks. But this is awesome.

I’m in line but it shipped, so I should see it soon!!!!!

Matsuri festival and the demon child

Friday night I ran D&D, which was a lot of fun. I find that I enjoy running the canned adventure for D&D, as it doesn’t take a ton of effort to run, but at the same time is very enjoyable.
Saturday morning we got up and went out to the Tempe Marketplace and walked around, and followed that up with a very tasty time at Spinato’s pizza (they have great gluten free pizza and Landon can have pasta).
After lunch we went home, and Landon refused to nap. We put him down for nap, but after about 90 minutes gave up and let him get up.

Our fridge, as you recall, broke in December, and we got a new one, which also broke. We had someone come out and do that. Well, about 2 weeks ago it broke AGAIN. We called and they took forever to come out and fix it. When it was still not fixed on Saturday, we gave up and took it back. So Landon went to grandma’s house and we loaded the fridge up in the van and drove it back to Costco. They took it back no problem. Then we went and bought another fridge at Costco (same model and everything) and loaded that up and took it home. So here’s hoping that the new fridge works great, and that the first one was just a lemon.

After that, we took Bobby’s parents out for dinner to thank them for all their help with everything. Landon turned into a DEMON CHILD at dinner. He was just overtired and over stimulated. That lack of nap was killing him. So we took him home and put him to bed.

Bobby made this stellar cake for dessert, and Mel came over to eat it with us and then play Rockband.

We picked up Gyan and Emily and went to the Matsuri festival on Sunday. It was pretty neat. I loved looking at everything, but the highlight for me was the $3 Thai iced teas. So tasty. Landon and Emily seemed to have fun, Landon really liked the drums.

We dropped Gyan and Em off at home and took Landon home for a nap. He again refused to nap. I tucked him into bed and made him stay in his bed for almost 2 hours of normal nap time. He was happy and played in his bed for all that time. I mean, I know he got up out of bed and got toys and climbed back in bed, but he WOULD NOT SLEEP.

This would be fine with me, if he wanted to give up naps, except that at about 5pm he turned into the DEMON CHILD again. Bedtime was horrific, with screaming and crying and temper tantrums galore. We finally got him to bed, and then we went upstairs to watch Dollhouse off our DVR.

I liked the second episode better than the first, but overall, it’s still not GREAT. I don’t know if I’d keep watching under normal circumstances, but I do get some pleasure from it, and it is joss, so I think I’ll hang out for some more episodes. I’ve heard it gets good and finds its groove around episode 6, so we shall see!

We are Searchers

india at the cabin

Bobby’s Brother Shain’s band. And India is in their advertising.

Lost Dutchman days festival
Rodeo, Wild burro auction, Fair & vendors.

Free parking, two stages with music all three days.

We are searchers play 02/28/09 @ 1:30-3:30pm on the SOUTH stage

Apache Jct, AZ 85219
Rodeo grounds on the Corner of Lost Dutchman Blvd & Tomahawk

general updatedness

I’ve been a little depressed recently, a little bit out of sorts, and it’s been keeping me from posting. Still, I think I’m starting to come out of my funk, so let’s try for a real post.

We earn cash back by using our Amex card, and our check came this month. Bobby used the check to buy himself a vita-mix and he bought me a Kindle 2, because he rocks. (I told him the cash back this year was his to play with, because he deserves it. He totally surprised me by getting me something!

I’m pretty excited at the prospect of a Kindle. I’m hoping it lives up to the hype. Right now my biggest worry is how many of my Books WON’T be available on Kindle? Also, I admit, I wish that all the books in my library would give me access to them on Kindle. I mean, I bought the print copy…. And loaning out Kindle versions is unacceptable, so if I read something good, I can’t share it with my book friends without buying a hardcopy. I run into this problem sometimes with Audiobooks. My friend over at snerkology is slowly working her way through the Sookie books, but if I had physical copies of them I would have just loaned them to her. Instead, I had to convince her to read them and buy them herself! Overall, I’m very excited about my Kindle. I already know the first book I plan to read on it! Kitty Raises Hell comes out just a week or two before I get my Kindle in the mail, so I’m going to resist buying a hardcopy and wait for the kindle to get here! I already verified that it will be available on Kindle. SO EXCITED.

I’m not pregnant. Which might have something to do with the depression. I don’t want to talk about it too much, but I am starting a new “get healthy” regime. I currently weigh about 15 lbs more than I did when I got pregnant with Landon. I don’t know if that is a contributing factor, but as long as I’m being healthy about weight loss, it should be safe to do while TTC. I’m trying to cut back on the bad food, eat more good, and most importantly, add workouts back in.

We the 8K at the Lost Dutchman marathon on Sunday, and it left me pretty wiped out. I mean, I only walked it, but I still feel it today, which tells me how out of shape I have let myself get. Last year when I walked it, I barely felt it the next day. This has to change. So, in spirit of that, I did my old Pilates dvd yesterday (taller by the end of the class) which was way harder than I remember. Today at lunch I went to the onsite gym and put in 30 minutes on the bike. I went for the bike because I can read and work out at the same time on the bike, and I wanted to finish my book. I’m hoping a refocus on exercise with some better food choices will both help get me in shape as well as help me conceive a healthy, happy baby.

Valentine’s Day we didn’t do anything too special. Both the gift I ordered Bobby and the gift he ordered me (both small items) did not manage to arrive in time. We had no babysitter either, but Bobby made me some excellent steaks for dinner. He also bought me some flowers, which I totally loved. Landon was pretty good for us. We had lunch with Uncle Jack and Uncle Sam (picture in previous post) at Sweet Tomatoes, which was tasty.

Friday night we went to Laura’s for a 7th sea game. It’s been a long while since I played it. When I went to add my character to my computer, I found a bunch of character sheets from the very first game we played. The game was fun, and we also ate some very good popcorn.

Overall, the three day weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. Both Bobby and I totally needed it.

Also, two or three weeks ago, we managed to go see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t known how it ended, since the story was told already in the other Underworld movies. Or, I would have enjoyed it more if it had ended the way I wanted it too, but I knew it couldn’t, since I already knew the story.

So that’s what’s new with me.

Dear Landon-
Happy Valentines Day! You are now two and a half years old. I know people call them the terrible twos, and they do have their ups and downs, but overall, I’ve really enjoyed you being two.
Potty training is coming along. Really, you are your own biggest hurdle at this point. You know when you need to potty, you know how to go in the potty, but you don’t always like to tell us you need to go potty. I feel like I’ve gotten you as far as I can, that you need to take that final step. Maybe I’m wrong, but for now, I don’t see any reason to push harder.
Dad took you to go see a movie, and he blogged about it with the following comments:

Boys Day:
Yesterday got to stay home with just me and Landon. We hit the park and spent a good amount of time playing on the playground. I do wish they would make those just a little bigger they really are fun things to mess around on. After we got done there we hit Burger King for some fries and some more playtime on the indoor slides. Then we hit the movie theater and watched Madagascar 2 and demolished a large bag of popcorn. Finally ended the day at home playing flip the Landon. Overall a really good day and Landon was well behaved until mom came home, but all in all he was good. I look forward to doing it again.

We had Emily come over and spend the day with you, which was a blast, and the very next day, we went to comic con, and you met your first storm troopers. You thought the con was neat, but nothing amazing. You loved the talking Karr, and enjoyed having Emily there to run about with.
In history this past month, Barrack Obama was sworn in as president.

In bad news, you discovered your inner ear this week. You love to play games that spin you in a circle and you enjoy making yourself dizzy. Well, until yesterday, when such a game made you vomit. Vomiting freaked you out, thankfully, so hopefully, you will learn to reign in your dizzy making activates. I felt so bad for you! We got you cleaned up in no time though! Given the fact that your father and I are both prone to dizziness, this did not surprise me. I’m just glad it didn’t happen earlier.


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