R I P famous people

curtanaI maintain that there is some big event going on this weekend in the afterlife, and they needed performers, presenters, and promoters for it.
Rest in Peace:
Ed McMahon
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson
Billy Mays

Bear does dance

Well, I’d guess Bear’s ears are working.
Yesterday was Thursday night dinner for my group of Friends known collectively as “The Hench,” It’s a loud dinner with a lot of people. There are all sorts of conversations occurring, children playing, the noises of the kitchen, ect. It’s loud.

Thursday night was also the LONGEST that Bear has ever been awake. Seriously, that little bean was kicking and jumping all night. It was awesome.

I can put my hand on my tummy when I know Bear’s kicking, and I can feel it on the outside. I’m not sure anyone else could yet though. Feeling the baby move is my favorite part of being pregnant.

Right now my least favorite symptom is the low back pain that started last week. I keep wakening up in the night in pain. Not fun.

Potty training is hell. That’s about all I have to say about it.

I think I have good news to share next week. I’ll let you know. I’ve told some people, but I’m still kind of waiting till its official.

Father’s day weekend

This week has been okay. I’ve enjoyed swimming in the pool and such.
Friday we did Character Gen for Bobby’s Space Opera game. We are using the Savage Worlds system. Here is Bobby’s pitch for the game:
Game Genre – Space Opera
Location – Large space ship(think enterprise or Stargate Atlantis)
Plot Hook – Far in the future travel between starts and planets has become common place. Only the fate of a planet is enough to get the attention of the Fantabulous Omnipresent Xeno-news (FOX). The players work for Competent News Now (CNN). The players (humans, aliens, and reporters) and their ship are sent on life threatening missions to the most dangerous regions of the galactic community to get the story, pictures, and video that their editor and adoring fans crave. All the time they must constantly battle the galactic disasters, ancient technology, and FOX. Possibly even violate their journalistic integrity and step in to save the lives of a solar system.

I’m playing a reporter who is based loosely on a character from Farscape. I am looking forward to playing!
Saturday we spent the day getting some shopping done for presents to Bobby’s family, what with father’s day, my MIL and one of my BIL’s birthday’s this month. We managed to find something for everyone, and ran out to the house to get a load of stuff and visit with the grandparents. Landon had a blast, as always.
Saturday we spent the day getting some shopping done for presents to Bobby’s family, what with father’s day, my MIL and one of my BIL’s birthday’s this month. We managed to find something for everyone, and ran out to the house to get a load of stuff and visit with the grandparents. Landon had a blast, as always.
Sunday was up to Bobby, and we went out for lunch, and Bobby made dinner. I offered to make him whatever he wanted, but he was eager to try out his father’s day present, a Mario Batali Pot. We also got him a copy of Trinity which he really seemed to like as well. Bobby made this awesome Steak with this yellow sauce that was just to die for. That man can COOK! I made the Betty Crocker GF/DF cookie mix, which turned out very well. It was the best “cookie from a box” we’ve had. Bobby can make tastier stuff, but it’s nice to have something easy that I can make for dessert too.
We also got in the pool, which I love. Bobby got the Spa running as well, so we were able to spend some time in that too. The backyard here is awesome, and I’m really enjoying a lot of things about this house.
Landon’s potty training is mostly going well. He pees in the potty just fine. He’ll occasionally ask to go pee, and he likes to do it “all by myself” where he needs help getting his underwear on and off, but other than that pees by himself, which is nice. The only problem is still poop. Despite countless promises to take him to the store and buy him whatever prize he wants (under $30) I have not yet had ONE successful poop in the potty in the life of this child. Supposedly he’s done it at Laura’s a couple of times though, so all hope is not lost.
Well, according to some of the websites, Bear’s hearing is now working. I haven’t had as much to say to Bear as I did Landon at this point. Part of it is that I’m so rarely alone. I spend most of my time with either Bobby or Landon at this point. When I was pregnant with Landon I had a lot more “me time” to devote to Landon.
I’m feeling Bear move more often and more distinctly now. Other than those 2 kicks last week, nothing has been that distinctively the baby though. Pregnancy seems to be progressing fairly normally. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year! I’ll be done being pregnant and I’ll have a little baby and my Landon and my Bobby. My family will be complete!
Now, back to job hunting. BLAH. I’m totally ready to find a job and go back to work!

potty training sucks


So we’ve switched to wearing underwear all day. This switch happened on Monday, and I have yet to get him to poop in the potty. He does very well with Pee. Almost all of the time he pees in the potty. He wakes up dry from nap, and if I get to him first thing when he wakes up in the morning, he is also dry then. If he wakes up before I do, then he’s wet.
He knows how to go pee all by himself, and does not need help, except for putting his pants back on. He just doesn’t go of his own free will. I have to remind him to go, and he never poops in the potty. Yesterday at Laura’s, we had the worst poop mess ever. He pooped and it was not super solid, and he came to get me, leaving a trail of poop all over Laura’s house, and all over himself.
I keep hoping he’ll get it with the poop. Once he does, the rest of potty training will fall right into place. I just don’t know what else to do to get that to click. He understands, he just doesn’t care until AFTER he’s pooped.

I’ve been feeling flutters and such for a little bit now. Nothing distinctive, but having already had one child, I’ve know it was Bear.
I had an interview on Tuesday (6/16) and it was a bit messy. It was for a job I don’t think I will take, after careful thought. The pay and benefits are good, but the job is outbound admissions rep, where you make about 100 calls a day to prospective students and try to get them enrolled. It just doesn’t seem like my cup of tea. Anyway, I was at the interview, and I was waiting my turn, as they did this weird sort of group interview thing that wastes the maximum amount of time of the interviewee, but works out well for the interviewer. I’m concentrating, you see, on keeping my gut as sucked in as possible so I don’t look pregnant. I felt a few flutters, and then suddenly, two very distinctive kicks. Like no doubt at all that it’s Bear kicking about. Very cool.
I’ve felt more flutters since then, and they are getting stronger!

20 Days till we get to hopefully find out if Bear is a boy or girl, so as tradition dictates, what do you think?

just things

So far, not luck on the job hunt. This whole economy thing sucks.
Friday we had a good werewolf game at Jamie and Gyan’s. I’ve been enjoying the gaming we are doing recently and I’m really looking forward to Bobby’s game this Friday. He’s running a game in Savage Worlds that’s Space Opera/reporters in space. It should be awesome.
We had people over for the first time on Saturday. We kept it small, we weren’t ready to have a huge group out yet. The pool is awesome though. I’ve been working out by doing laps in the pool, which is heavenly for a preggo’s workout.
I made a cake for my family yesterday. It turned out pretty good. Making a cake that is GF and DF is a challenge, but Betty Crocker made some mixes that are pretty good. Well, at least the yellow cake one was. And it was easy to do! What a change!
Today is the day. At least, that’s what I decided. The day that Landon will wear underwear all day, except during nap and nights, from here on out. He’s been doing really well with the potty training, staying dry all day even in diapers, as long as I am diligent about taking him potty. So of course, after having been on the potty not 15 minutes before, he pees his underwear. First accident we’ve had like that in a while. I cleaned him up and stuck more underwear on him. We’ll see how it goes.
17 Weeks Pregnant today! I feel huge. I know I’m not, but I feel huge and ugly and like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 10 weeks. Between moving, pregnancy, and the layoff, I think it’s just been too much for me. I’ve gained around 5lbs so far this pregnancy.

pool days

Swimming at the house 6/13/09

Bear 160

Had my first appointment with the midwife today. Well, first time this pregnancy. This is the midwife who works with Dr Kells and will monitor my birth at the hospital. Everything is looking good. We argued about my due date. The midwife says that Dr Kells has the final say, and that he says I’m due Nov 14. She did say we could talk to him and that they won’t induce until I’m 2 weeks overdue. Bear tested within normal limits for downs/trisome, so that was good. Bear’s heart rate was 160 BPM, which is exactly what Landon’s was.

Everything looks great. My big ultrasound, in which we should find out the gender of little bear, is set for July 9th.