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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, amazing, .
My best friend, my love, my husband, my everything.

It’s all thunder, lighting and pouring rain….
Baby is SUPER HYPER too.

My cat from Portland (Morrocco, see ICONAGE) is scared to death of the storm. He’s cowering behind the toliet in the bathroom. It’s too funny for words!

2 CM dilated, 60% effaced

What a pissy-ass day.
I took Bobby’s car into Earnhardt Ford in Chandler. Now I know that Earnhardt’s has a tendency to screw you, and I wouldn’t take my car to them, but Bobby’s car is owned by his company, and they pay for everything on it, so I knew I wouldn’t get stuck with a bill.
Bobby’s car needed an oil change. It has that issue with the driver’s window not going down or up, getting stuck and all that. There is also that trim piece that came off the roof.
So I get there at 8am, and tell them everything that’s wrong. The car has less than 10,000 miles on it.
The guy acts shocked and annoyed when I tell him I plan to wait on the car. He tells me it “might” take as long as noon to get everything done. Oh, and he offers to wash the outside. I said wash it, and where do I wait? He gives me vague directions. I then ask for the bathroom, because, I’m nine months pregnant, I’m gonna need the bathroom. He takes a deep breath and acts like I asked a difficult question, then points me in the proper direction.
It’s a long wait, and I’m unimpressed with the wait area. It’s much more comfortable than the Tempe Hyundai wait area, the chairs are leather, comfy, and they have a TV. However, it’s once again open to the whole area, and right next to the reception desk. There are three girls “working” the front desk. They are all EXTREMELY hot, in a ditsy way, and spend most of their time flirting with these two guys that also seem to work there or talking about their hair, or admiring their reflections. They don’t answer the phone, it just rings and rings, to the point where I want to get up and answer it.
So I sit and wait, and wait, and wait. I watch crappy TV, I read my book, I go the bathroom about 6 times. I watch other people get updates on where there car is “It’s going to be another hour sir, can I get you a coffee?” “You’re car will be ready to go in about 15 minutes, they are just washing it up sir,” you get the idea.
I hear nothing. I had thought, based on past experiences with dealerships that it might be around a 2-3 hour wait. I brought snacks, and ate them. I really didn’t think I’d go the whole four hours it “might” be that he quoted me.
At 11:45, I got very hungry. I got up and hit the potty room again, and then decided it was time to go and ask how long until I was going to be done. I wandered back to where the service people hang out, and found my “dude.” He looks up, all surprised, and says “Well, I was just coming to get you, your car is done.” I am slightly annoyed, because the paperwork is on his desk, and he digs for it a bit, like it has been sitting there for a while, long enough for other paperwork to get set on top of it.
“By the way, they couldn’t find anything wrong with the window, and we had to order your trim piece.”
I’m very annoyed now. The piece to fix the window is a simple switch; it’s not an expensive part. It’s routinely over 100 outside, and we can’t use the window, because it either won’t roll down, or worse, it won’t roll back up, and then we drive around with the AC essentially not working, what with the 100 degree air coming in through the window.
I ask him, why, if all they did was an oil change, WHY did it take until NOON to get it all done? He then has the balls to point out that its “not NOON.”
I then raised my voice. Probably shouldn’t have. I mean, I’m nine months pregnant, hormonal, and I’ve just wasted my entire morning at a car dealership. I yelled at him that it was “11:50, close enough to noon!” I also throw a small fit about the fact that the cheap part wasn’t replaced, and that I will be taking my car to another dealership that will actually FIX it.
I wasn’t polite. I was rude. I admit it. I, however, did not use foul language while at the dealership.
They pulled the car around (and they did do a nice job on the wash) and I stomped out to the car, and of course, the window works fine (isn’t that always the way).
The dude comes out, and is all smug cause the window worked. I told him I would be back in an hour when the window was stuck down, and then got in my car (while he was still talking about how if it ain’t broke, he can’t fix it, practically calling me a liar about the entire bit on the window not working) slammed the door, and drove off.
I want to point out that the man did not, at any point, apologize. He never said he was sorry for the wait time, the lack of repair, or anything. He did nothing to attempt to calm me down; he just got louder at every turn. I was never offered a manager, nor did he make any attempt to make things right.
Having worked for years in customer service, hell, having worked in the car industry taking complaints for GM cars, I was shocked at how I was treated.
But the story doesn’t end there. Oh I wish it did.
I went to McDonalds, because it was close and I was starved. I’m shaking with rage, and cussing up a blue streak the entire way there.
I’m eating my food, and my cell rings, it’s someone for the dealership. I think to myself, “finally, someone who will at least apologize and attempt to fix this mess.”
Instead, I get told that I “Cannot treat their employees like that, and to not come back to that dealership!” WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!?
Anyway, called Ford, left a complaint with them. I left poor Bobby with a mess (and I feel awful about it) because now he still has to take the car in for service, but he can’t go to the close dealership. Bobby called the dealership, and they said I cussed out the guy, which is a blatant lie. I worked customer service. The only time you get to hang up on someone is when they cuss. I know not to do that.
I want to point out that I am not saying I’m guilt free, I was a bitch, I admit it. However, I STRONGLY feel that they could have handled the entire thing better, from the start. If the dude who helped me had just been apologetic and had a little empathy, instead of pushing my buttons by getting loud and defensive himself, there is a very good chance this story could have happy ending.
So, the lesson here is, Earnhardt’s is full of crap, don’t use them, and if you’re nine months pregnant and sleep deprived it’s still a good idea to not let the inner bitch shine too brightly.

Either way, it left me pissed off, angry, and annoyed, and pretty much ruined the rest of my day. I didn’t get all my errands done, I upset Bobby, and overall, just had a crap-tacular day.

Tomorrow I get to be poked and prodded by my doctor, what fun.

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