kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets

Bobby is inspecting our cabniets, and he did find an issue. 7/28/06

kitchen issue kitchen issue

The issue is that they measured poorly. There is no way to get the fridge in past the island. The island will need to be modified, so we are loosing the funny shaped piece by Bobby. 7/28/06

kitchen kitchen

they will measure for the countertop and bar on Tuesday, and then they can cut and install the granite. 7/28/06

Downstairs Bath Downstairs Bath

Cabinets installed here too 7/28/06

balcony balcony

Our bedroom now has a door outside to the balcony 7/28/06

Upstairs cabinets Upstairs cabinets

The master bath sports 2 sinks, we’re waiting on countertops here too. 7/28/06

My sister-in-law, Heather, has declared that Landon will be here on August 5th. Her reasoning? All of the firstborn grandkids have come on the fifth.
Bree? 4/5
Chyna? 11/5
Gabe ? 10/5

So her logic is Landon will be here on 8/5.
Who knows!

We grabbed the full size swing that we got for the baby shower and put it together next to my computer in the apartment. It will be a place for Lan to nap in the main room, and then he has his bassinet in the bedroom, all for when he wants out of his sling.


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