Water just broke 🙂
4cm dialated 😦
100% affaced 🙂

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To continue.
Thankfully Bobby was very supportive again, and we tag teamed the nurse. So, we skipped the cyotek, which means a longer stay here at hospital land.
So we stuck with the gels.
I’ve been getting the gels put in, and its painful when they put it in. Worse, my low back is just not happy with the laying down while I wait for the hour for the gel to work. This last time they decided to not have me walk, as my blood pressure is rather high after the walking. I’ve been pacing in the room when not typing. Also took a shower, which was heavenly. It just really helped the low back pain. Honestly, the low back pain has been worse than the contractions, overall.
Last time I was checked, a few hours ago, I was at 4 CM and 80% effaced.
My contractions have been coming on pretty regularly, and the hurt, but not too bad.
The good news is that if I can get going into a good labor with just the gel, then I won’t need pitocen. So far, it looks like I might be able to do that, but we will have to see.
So far, no iv, no epidural, but I’m not in hard labor or anything.
They are waiting for my contractions to space themselves back out before they give me more gel, because I’m getting a contraction about every 2-3 minutes.
Bobby has been absolutely wonderful, and there is no way I could have done this without him.
My MIL Mickey is here as well, which has been very handy, although I think she might be bored. Overall, Bobby is getting very tired, I’m kinda tired, but holding up well.
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll post later or Bobby will once we have Landon with us. I’m thinking at this point that won’t be until tomorrow morning at the earliest.
Anyway, keep routing for me. It would be so wonderful to still have the drug and needle free birth I want, despite having been induced.


Okay, So I’ve got a few minutes where I am sitting up and feeling okay, and I thought I’d go ahead and chronical today.
Basically, last night (Sat) we spent over at Laura’s and stayed up very late. I felt awful. My low back was killing me. I wasn’t able to really sleep, and tossed and turned all night. Bobby was wonderful and rubbed me, so I managed to get a few hours, but it wasn’t a good sleep.
I woke up at about 5 am in pain. My back was worse, and my stomache was acting up, I felt nausaues and dizzy and icky.
I had the NST set up for 8 am this morning. Around 7, I vomited. I haven’t done that at all durning this pregnancy (I had no morning sickness). So, basically at that point I accepted that it wasn’t a good idea to drive myself to the hospital. I woke Bobby up and asked him to take me. I felt awful about waking him, because he needs his sleep, and he had a big day planned working out the house.
Bobby was (as always) wonderful about it. He decided to bring all the ‘hospital gear’ just in case.
Basically we got checked in, and due to my headache, nausea, and general pain, the ran some tests. Something about my kidneys not working right, along with my blood pressure being high, Landon having low aminotic fluid, and my being “overdue” they decided to admit me. This took them a while. We had to wait while they drew blood, wait for an ultrasound tech, wait for lab results, and so on and so forth.
So from 8 to noon we were in triage. The nurse called the on call doctor for my office, and its one of the doctors I’ve not met. I still haven’t met him, actually. They call him and tell him what is going on, and then they come tell me what he said.
So he says he wants to give me a gel that they insert into my cervix, and that they will do a dose now, make me lie down for an hour, then have me get up and walk for a half hour, then monitor me for 20 minutes, then administer another does of the gel, and repeat.
The idea was for three doses of gel.
Well, after the fi…awwww f*ck !!!!!!!!!!! contracctioooooon. Got to go pee will post later. Ok better.
Well, the nurse comes in after the first dose, and is all, “WE’RE gonna give you Cyotek!” I’m like, uh, no. That isn’t approved for use in pregnant women, it’s dangerous, I don’t want to risk it. At the same time, I’m so out of it that I was half considering just going with the flow. Ops got to go back on the monitor will post again later.

Still pregnant.

Went out to the house yesterday, Bobby worked on some things.

Read The Time Traveler’s Wife, because a friend from work loaned it to me.  I thought it was really good, but it did make me cry.  Overall I would recommend the book!

NST set at the hospital for tomorrow morning, so I’ll probably post after that.

So, for the record, going overdue sucks.
Today, I went in for what I thought would be my last appointment before being induced, assuming Lan doesn’t come on his own in the next week.
So first they do a Non-Stress Test. This was actually kinda fun. They have a very nice comfy recliner, and you sit in it and are hooked up to a Doppler. I got to lay there and read for 20 minutes while listening to Lan’s heartbeat. It was weird how all over the place it was. I saw it run from 122 to 168 while I was there. Also, he would roll around, and the sound would get louder or quieter depending on the distance between his heart and the Doppler thing. Everything looked good on the NS-test. It was funny because Lan decided to kick my book that I was resting on my tummy to read.
After that I had another cervical exam. I’m now 2.5 or 3cm dilated, and 80% effaced, and was told again that “his head is right there.” She went ahead and swept my membranes again, although she said its not as effective to do a second time, it still can help.
All this was just fine.
Then I get told that I need to do another NST in 2-3 days. That’s this weekend. So now I have an appointment Sunday morning at 8am the hospital to have an NST done. Blech.
And they will want to see me one more time before setting up an induction, so I also have an appointment with the doctor I like on Tues Morning at 9:30. Then I would set up an induction for Thurs or Fri.
So at what I thought was my last appointment, I actually got to set up two more appointments. I think its silly and we should just combine the two appointments into an office visit on Monday, but whatever.
According to my calculations, today is my ACTUAL due date based on conception, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.
The Nurse practioner who examined me said that I looked really good, and should go into labor anytime. Of course she also reminded me that first time babies are stubborn and take a while, but that most people have their babies before 41 weeks on their own. She was also really surprised that I didn’t want to just set up an induction for tomorrow, she told me most women want to do that, but she thought it was smart that I wanted to wait, although I have a “great cervix to induce on” right now.

What I really hope is my last weekly Landon update. Because it’s his due date today!

I feel a little like the last preggo standing.
I know I’m not, I mean, lots of the girls in my August group have lots of time to go. But with the baby last night, All the people whose LJ I read have had their babies. (well, except the two that aren’t due for a bit, and a few that don’t post to their LJ very often).
My ticker says one day to go….
I broke out the tarot deck. According to it, either the 8th or the 10th is when I will GO into labor (not necessarily the date the babe will be born).
It gave me Fyr’s card, which is the 10 of swords. I followed it up with another card and got the 10 of pentacles, which usually means in this deck time with family.
So it could be read that I will go into labor on fyr’s birthday (tomorrow) or the pair of tens could indicate the 10th of the month, so we’ll have to see how that one plays out!

Of course, there is still my original guess of the 15th as well. The other theory is that babies come on the full moon, which I think is the 9th.  I’m totally crossing my fingers for soon though!
Still on the playing board we have the following predictions left:

Dave from the Game Depot, along with Kaden, and now Micheal are thinking Aug 7th, as it is all their birthday on that day! (It’s still possible to have the baby tonight!)
jadedusoliel is going with my due date, Aug 8th, because its her husbands birthday, and the day she found out she was pregnant with her daughter.
My MIL is guessing Aug 9th, andjustbeachy2412 is also betting with my mother in law. 
Melacynthe is going to step up and take Aug 10th!!
mommycairenn is going with Aug 13th
I’m still going with Aug 15th, cyberwuzzle thinks that mom knows best, so she’s betting with me!
Judy, a friend from work in Portland, is guessing August 16!
After that, we are in induction territory!

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