Well, we’ve made it to Leo. Landon can come any day between now and the end of Leo, and I’ll be happy. Okay, I’d PREFER if it wasn’t on my birthday, but, well, ya take what ya can get.
Part of me wants him to wait as long as possible, as that will increase the amount of paid time off I have from work, which is a good thing. Part of me is SO SICK of being pregnant, that I am hoping to go into labor today. Seriously.
I’m just so freaking uncomfortable. There has to be a better way to have children. Why don’t we have Vat Babies? I want my next child to be grown in and then birthed from a Vat. I’ve read lots of SciFi with Vat babies, and they always act like it’s a horrible thing, and dehumanizing, but that’s crap. It’s just good sense. Men aren’t less because they don’t carry kids around inside them for nine months, so why would that make women less human?
So other ways to do this better? Well, adoption, which runs a minimum of 10K, normally more like 20k-30k. Surrogacy, but then there are medical costs and you have to pay someone else to carry the baby for the nine months, and that person has to undergo the health risks to themselves. Anything else?
I know that this way (the way where I carry the kid myself) is the ‘poor mans’ way, but it’s sad to me that their really isn’t a good, affordable alternative out there.

Anyway, so not working has been nice. I’ve spent some time this past week catching up with friends, as well got bobby’s birthday shopping mostly out of the way. Next week’s goal is to get more things around the apartment done (pay bills, get some more organization going on, double check things are ready for Lan), and work a little on Lan’s baby book.
Bobby has been working almost non stop, between his actual job and his drive to finish things on the house. I’ll be happy when the house is done just because it means Bobby can finally relax a little bit. I’m really not expecting to be able to move in until the end of August at the earliest, and I’m trying not to let house issues stress me out. I’ll try and get some pictures when we go out today, so that I can post them. The house now has doors on the front and back, which is neat. They even lock! Finished electrical went in, but we still need to buy and install the ceiling fans ourselves. It’s weird to have the light bulbs, switches, and fixtures in but no power to actually turn them on with.
We ordered our appliances last night from Best Buy, as they were having a sale thing. The appliances won’t be delivered until Aug 14th, but they are in the Stainless Steel color, which totally rocks. Also we got the Whirlpool Duet front load Washer/Dryer (in white, because who in their right mind pays extra for cool colors on a Washer/Dryer that will be sitting in the garage?)
Still debating the hair cut……


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