I think I might be broken. I can’t seem to fall in love…… With a Kitten, what did you think I was talking about??
Bobby told me around the time Spike died I could get another kitten. I REALLY didn’t want one then, it just felt wrong somehow. Still, I would think I would feel better by now, its been months since we lost Spike. And Spike, while being a cool cat, was not a cat who had close affectionate bonds with his owners. He was the loaner of my cats, preferring to watch, as opposed to come over and be loved on.
For Mother’s day, back in May, Bobby took me kitten shopping. I could have gotten any kitten I wanted, and we looked at a TON of kittens. Sure, they were cute, but not a single one tugged at my heartstrings. I kept thinking of having to take them to the vet, dealing with spay/neuter, and feeling like they weren’t affectionate enough, or that they were “too old.” I was really looking for something younger.
So I didn’t get a kitten, and we let the matter drop.
Yesterday, I went over to thepiskie’s and played with lilnekochan’s kittens. They were very cute. But again, not a single one tugged at me, made me want to take it home. They were young, about 4 weeks and still, just not right.
Is it because I’m preggo and just wanting a real baby?
Or have my kitten strings been cut? I’ve always had a hard time turning down a kitten, and now I can’t find one I actually WANT.


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