Pictures of Landon

I am cute! I am cute!
and I am sitting up 12/30/06
12/30/06 12/30/06
I think I've really got the hang of this mom I think I’ve really got the hang of this mom
maybe not.... maybe not….
As he does a faceplant into the floor. 12/30/06
no, I meant to do that no, I meant to do that
really. 12/30/06
twinkling eyes twinkling eyes
smiles smiles
big smiles big smiles

and 1.5 minutes of Landon drooling and falling


So, Tuesday night, when he got the ear infection, was a bad night, and Landon “slept” (ha) upstairs in his bassinet, due to the crazy. The doctor told Bobby that it maybe 3-5 days before Landon returned to himself, to expect a rough time. We had been caught unprepared Tuesday, and had to run downstairs a few time to get things to make Lan more comfortable.

So, in preparation of another long night, we set up our bedroom:
-Landon’s bassinet ready to go, near me.
-Rocking/glider chair carried upstairs
-car seat (sometimes the angle of the car seat brings great relief to sinus pressure, and so baby sleeps better) carried up and set in a safe, accessible place.
-Sling, ready to assist in late night walking/carrying of baby, moved upstairs
– Swing, as alternate sleeping place (for same reason as car seat, plus the added motion and sounds), put in walk in closet, upstairs.
-changing station set up on bathroom counter
-Ear numbing drops, Tylenol, nose bulb, saline drops, prepped
-1 bottle prepped, just add pre-measured formula
-1 bottle ready to either be prepped, or have pedialite added

All before bed, all set up. We used none of it, and I couldn’t be happier. Landon enjoyed his bath, and took all of his meds. He has amoxicillin, (prescribed) and an ear drop (prescribed) that just numbs the ear, to assist with pain. We were also told to apply Tylenol for fever/pain. He went to bed at his usual time, but in the bassinet, upstairs with us, like we used to do a month and a half ago. I told him that he needed to sleep till at least 11pm, as that was when we could next give Tylenol.
At 11, he started to moan/toss/turn/fuss. Bobby and I jumped into action. See, if he really starts crying, it makes him more congested, which makes him harder to get back to sleep. Landon, however, just rolled over and went back to sleep.
The same thing happened at around 2:30AM.
Landon is at Laura’s today. She has all his meds (except the antibiotic, as it is given in the morning and at night) and will call with issues. Landon seemed his happy self, for all the 10 minutes he was awake and I held him this morning. I think (hope/pray) that he will be just fine. And as I typed this, I realized I didn’t tell her dosage on the Tylenol! So I just got off the phone. Landon gets .08 on the eyedropper, which is the top line, per his doctor. Laura said he is doing fine. Landon ate 6 oz, then had a coughing fit and spit up some. Then he had 4 oz of pedialite, then 4 more oz of formula. At home he was getting mostly breast milk from the freezer and the formula only at night.

Anyway. My Uncle Jack got us free tickets to Portland! Landon’s first trip out of the state, first plane flight, will be to visit our old stomping grounds. I cannot wait to hit Moonstruck and get me a hot chocolate.

I am dreading next week. Bobby will be out of town, and I am not looking forward to it. It will be the first time he is gone since Landon was born.

We are going to Portland!

March 28 2007 (weds)
Alaska Airlines 719
Depart: Phoenix, AZ at 6:40 AM
Arrive: Portland, OR at 9:26 AM

April 05 2007 (thurs)
Alaska Airlines 716
Depart: Portland, OR at 11:37 AM
Arrive: Phoenix, AZ at 2:13 PM


I am home.
Bobby and Landon have returned from the doctor’s office. Landon has an ear infection in his left ear. He weighed 18 lbs in his PJs and diaper. Doctor is a little concerned because this is “young” for a first ear infection. Now before anyone gets up in arms about how this is all my fault for formula feeding, I want to point the finger at genetics. Both my little brother and I were exclusively breast fed. Both of us has numerous ear infections, and tubes in our ears. The doctor said that if Landon has 5 ear infections before he reaches a certain age (Bobby said 2 the first time, but isn’t sure now) then Landon will need tubes as well.
Anyway, meds will be here soon, waiting on the pharmacy to fill the scripts. He has antibiotics and a pain med coming, so that should help.

I am glad that it is just an ear infection. I am also impressed with my motherly instinct, that I was pretty sure it was an ear infection, and I was right. I was scared that he would get an ear infection and I wouldn’t know, and the situation would just get worse and worse.

Doc said it would be 3-4 days before Landon got to feeling better.


Landon doesn’t feel well.
He had a cold for the past few days, a little congestion, a cough, nothing major.
Last night it turned into something major. We don’t know what yet. It wasn’t hospital bad. But he was up most of the night being fussy. I’m at work, but I’m going home early (soon) and TCing the rest of the day to help take care of Lan, who is currently home with Bobby.
Bobby is has called the doctor and we have an appointment today at 1pm. My best guess is an ear infection.
Work is just crazed. The guy who is training me because he has the next 8 weeks off and I am covering for him is not in the office. He’ll be in this afternoon. So we are going to get together virtually. That means that currently there is nothing for me to do, but I need to stay at work anyway. This also means that once I get home I will have work to actually do at home, instead of just being available for ERs.
I hate being here when Landon needs me.
Last night was icky. Bobby was on for Landon duty. We put Landon to bed about 15 minutes early (7:15), because he was being fussy. At 9 he woke up, and I calmed him down and put him back down. A little while later he woke again, and I could tell it wasn’t normal waking. I asked Bobby to go downstairs now instead of waiting the few minutes we usually do. Bobby went, and turned off the monitor. A little while later, I assume a good 15 to 30 minutes, Bobby came and got me. Landon was inconsolable, would not go back down to sleep, and Bobby was worried we should take him to ER. I took Landon and managed to get him calm. He mostly, outwardly, just seemed congested. Holding him upright, seemed to really help. That’s how we spent most of the night, holding him upright and walking him, rocking him, and otherwise attempting to entertain him. He slept for a three hour block in our room, in his bassinet, from about 11pm to 2am. Other than that it was cat naps in our arms. Just fussy, crying, sometimes crying while we held him, mostly getting very upset when he was put down. Bobby said he hadn’t eaten as much as he usually does during the day, but he ate 10 oz for me after work, but before bed. He then ate another 8 oz at 2 am. This makes me think it isn’t tummy trouble. He wasn’t fevered last night, but he might have been this morning. We’ve been giving him Tylenol, and it seems to help.
Poor Baby.
I’m at work. Exhausted.


Work is dead today.
I attempted to go to the mall for lunch. That was silly, as there was no parking anywhere near the mall.
I want to stand up on my desk and yodel.

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