I am home.
Bobby and Landon have returned from the doctor’s office. Landon has an ear infection in his left ear. He weighed 18 lbs in his PJs and diaper. Doctor is a little concerned because this is “young” for a first ear infection. Now before anyone gets up in arms about how this is all my fault for formula feeding, I want to point the finger at genetics. Both my little brother and I were exclusively breast fed. Both of us has numerous ear infections, and tubes in our ears. The doctor said that if Landon has 5 ear infections before he reaches a certain age (Bobby said 2 the first time, but isn’t sure now) then Landon will need tubes as well.
Anyway, meds will be here soon, waiting on the pharmacy to fill the scripts. He has antibiotics and a pain med coming, so that should help.

I am glad that it is just an ear infection. I am also impressed with my motherly instinct, that I was pretty sure it was an ear infection, and I was right. I was scared that he would get an ear infection and I wouldn’t know, and the situation would just get worse and worse.

Doc said it would be 3-4 days before Landon got to feeling better.


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