Argh! So this is the 1st month where I think the timing of the BDing has been spot on.
At 3 DPO, I had tender breasts. I NEVER get this symptom. Not for AF visits…
I was thrilled.
It only happened for one day, on DPO 3. today is DPO 6, and no other symptoms, no return of the tender breasts, nothing! I am so freaking out. I know its too early to tell anything.
Bobby asked me not to talk about the ‘baby making’ stuff for this week… ( I can talk about things like, what would we name a baby, or how we want to decorate the baby’s room, just not about the biology of, or due dates, or general TTC stuff)
I wish there was a crystal ball or something that would let us skip the horrible 2WW. Cause this 2WW is driving me up a wall.
Worse, I have had a cold these past to weeks, and I am worried that is monkeying with my chart!
What if FF got the O date wrong? What if I have a low grade fever and haven’t O’ed yet?
Why can’t I just relax and stop stressing?

I want to bug someone who won’t think I am crazy and won’t laugh at me if I turn out to be wrong. So I am making this post “private” maybe in a few months i will undo that….

I don’t know how much you know about women and pregnancy and everything, so I’ll explain a little before I go into my personal details.

When a chick gets pregnant, they say nine month, 40 weeks. What they don’t tell you is they count week from the last day of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Which would be before the woman could possibly be knocked up.
So at some point during a normal cycle, In my case on cycle day 16 (which was the 16th of the month this month) you get to ovulate.
Once you ovulate, if the sperm meets the egg, and they decide they like one another, a little lump of cells starts forming.
And anywhere from 5 to 7 days past ovulation (DPO), the little nest of cells attaches itself to the woman’s uterus. A home pregnancy test won’t even work until about 10 to 15 DPO. At which point you are considered to be roughly one month along in your pregnancy.
According to just about everything I have read, a woman cannot have ANY pregnancy symptoms until AT LEAST 5 DPO (more like 10 DPO) because the body does not know that she has a buddy in her belly until it attaches.
Now A RARE FEW women in my trying to conceive livejournal group have claimed to have symptoms as early as DPO 3 and DPO 5.
Common early signs include: sore/tender breasts, nausea, food cravings, cramping, low back ache, and ‘super’ nose (where smells seem way too strong). Most of these can also be symptoms of an impending period. On the other hand, many women say the ‘just knew.’ Some women say that they had many cycles though where they thought they were, but they weren’t.

So today is, well, 2 DPO. Which is way too early to know anything. But, well, my breasts are sore. And that is not usually something that happens to me. And I really REALLY think this is the month.
I believe it is. I do!
When I woke up this morning and got in the shower and noticed this ‘sign’ I felt such a rush of joy, of elation, it was amazing. And then, of course, the doubts started filling me.
It won’t be the end of the world if its not this month. There are other months. And always, always, adoption.
But I want it to be this month so bad. I want to be due in Leo. I want to have a baby, a family of my own. I am so freaking ready.
But I am afraid to get my hopes up or say anything to anyone. But I really wanted to get a second opinion, or a voice of reason, or something. And everyone else will laugh. And I will feel so DUMB when it turns out I am wrong.
Since I am going this far, I want to also mention that as I was in bed attempting to sleep last night, I felt a strange tingle in my lower abdomen, I don’t know if that means anything either.
We have been trying for 4 months, and this is the 1st time I thought I actually was knocked up. All the other times, I felt like it was a possibility, but I didn’t ‘feel’ pregnant.
All of this just keeps raising my hopes ;P

Anyway, my chart is here:
charting basics, so you can read it if you want too (and you don’t have too. You can just ignore it)

What you do is you take your BBT (basal/base body temperature). You do this with a sensitive thermometer in the morning, 1st thing when you wake up. You do it before you move, you get out of bed, anything. You record this temp, and then chart the results.
When a woman Ovulates (O’s) her BBT will rise about a degree in the morning. If she is not preggers the high temps last until about a day before her period. If she is Preggers, the high temps remain until after she has the baby.
So this method tells you when you O, and often can help confirm pregnancy.
You can also check other fertility factors that I won’t go into. BD is baby dance, so there are little X’s marked for when we had sex. Women are most fertile in the 3 days leading up to O and the day of O.
My chart hasn’t marked my O date, but it should tomorrow. I know it was the 16th.