Twas the night before Christmas Twas the night before Christmas
and Landon was happy! 12/24/06
Xmas Morning Xmas Morning
Landon (with Daddy’s help) attempts to unwrap his gifts! 12/25/06
still unwrapping still unwrapping
he was much more interested in eating the paper! 12/25/06
He looks like he stopped to stick his tongue out at me! 12/25/06
It's a It’s a
Sippy Cup! 12/25/06
a big one a big one
Landon and I attempt to unwrap a big one! 12/25/06
unwrapped! unwrapped!
What a haul! What a haul!
Oh the gifts Santa Brings! My favorite so far is the “story book reader” 12/25/06
Sitting up! Sitting up!
I sat Landon up, but he held this position for a good five minutes on his own! 12/25/06
Mayer Chaos Mayer Chaos
We had the whole Mayer family over for Christmas. All of Landon’s cousins, and his Aunts and Uncles, his Grandparents, Plus my Uncle Jack as well! 12/25/06
Grandma and Cousin Eli Grandma and Cousin Eli
Grandma juggles babies! 12/25/06
Aunt Heather Aunt Heather
Aunt Heather holds my little man! Her husband (next to her) is also celebrating his birthday! 12/25/06
Another one Another one
Landon and I open another gift for him! 12/25/06
Bree and Nicky Bree and Nicky
and a sad Landon. Actually Lan was very good for most of the day, only getting a little fussy once or twice! 12/25/06
Aunt Amee, Uncle Donny, and cousins Van & Chyna Aunt Amee, Uncle Donny, and cousins Van & Chyna
Van is pointing as Amee says “Where’s Landon?” (he is in my lap as I take the pictures) 12/25/06
More Mayer Chaos More Mayer Chaos
After the gift opening is done 12/25/06
Bobby and Van Bobby and Van
Bobby was handing out gifts, so he wasn’t in very many pictures. Here he is playing with his nephew, Van. 12/25/06
Uncle Shain Uncle Shain
Holds Landon for the first time! 12/25/06
Uncle Donny Uncle Donny
Holds Landon! His kids play with Landon also! 12/25/06
Kissing Cousins! Kissing Cousins!
Van gives Baby Landon a Kiss! Van is exactly 10 months older than Landon. 12/25/06
Grandma = Love Grandma = Love
Grandma gets a minutes alone with her youngest grandchild. 12/25/06


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