Landon on Star Wars, Ollie’s progress.

We watched Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace last night.

I’ve tried before to get Landon to watch Star Wars (A New Hope) with me, but it never holds his interest. He’s watched the Clone Wars cartoon on occasion, but hasn’t grown to love it. I’ve heard the theory that Episode 1 is more kid friendly. Bobby is out of town, so last night I fired up Episode 1, popped some popcorn, and settled in with both boys.

Landon seemed to enjoy the movie. I don’t know if he’ll want to watch more or not. Landon kept asking me who was a bad guy and who was a good guy. He wanted it to be very cut and dried, no gray characters allowed. He had a little trouble understanding that Qui-gon was really dead, and that they burned him. When it was time to tuck him in bed, we had the following conversation:

Me: So did you like Star Wars?
L: Yes, but not the guy who got stabbed.
Me: Darth Maul? The guy with the red and black face?
L: No, the one who got stabbed in the belly.
Me: Qui-gon? The Jedi? Why didn’t you like him?
L: Cause he died. He wasn’t very good. He needed more training.

I LOLed.

Ollie watched some it, because Oliver loves popcorn. He sat on the couch next to me and ate popcorn with me. Landon had his own bowl of popcorn, and when that ran out, he started eating out of the large bowl Ollie and I were sharing. Oliver got so mad that Landon was taking his popcorn. I had to refill Landon’s bowl on the sly, so Ollie wouldn’t get too upset. Ollie spent a lot of the movie crawling around on top of me or yelling at the TV. I think he liked the movie, or at least, liked it enough to let us watch it.

Ollie seems to be recovered from his surgery. They are moving him up to the two’s room today at school. He is getting clearer in his speech. I think in the apple juice video I posted that he also says “I want that” and “I do, I do.” I could be wrong. In his bath on Saturday night he told me to “Blow Bubbles.” Mind you, some of this might just be him repeating words back to me, but that’s way more than he was doing three weeks ago.
One of the things the doctor keeps asking me is if Oliver engages in imaginative play. I’m never sure how to answer this, but now I am. Friday Ollie played peek-a-boo with his stuffed dinosaur. I watched him cover the dinosaur, and then act surprised when he lifted up the blanket to see the Dino. It was really cute. I also think he’s started trying to get Dino to eat cereal in the morning.

I’m hoping Ollie has a cold. He woke up really congested yesterday, and has a cough and congestion going on today as well. If it’s not a cold, I’m taking him to the allergist. He’s been off soy and dairy now for more than a month.

Ollie well visit

Ollie had his two year well check today. She said his ears are totally recovered, and his throat looks good, probably still a little sore, but healing nicely. Oliver is 36.5 inches (3 feet!) tall and weighed in at 33lbs. His head was 51 CM. All three measurements are in the 95% for size, and he’s very well proportioned. Health wise he checks out fine. The doctor spent a lot of extra time with me today to talk about a lot of my concerns about Ollie’s development. In general, she thinks that if his delays are hearing related, with the help we are getting from the speech therapist and the DSI, along with the tubes, that he should be able to catch up to his peers in about six months. If there are other issues, then we should be able to work towards pin pointing them at that point. I’ve made a follow appointment for a 2.5 year well check. I’ve also got a referral for a Developmental Pediatrician, although our ped said it usually takes about 6 months to get into see one, they book that far out.

Ollie’s birthday and recovery

Things here have been crazy. Oliver’s recovery is rather stressful.
I’m going to try and recap the past week, so this entry maybe long. Before I start, I’ll summarize. Oliver went home as planned, was extra fussy and stress, work was crazy, Oliver did not enjoy his birthday or his party, and Bobby had an emergency root canal.
The longer version is that we spent a rough night in the hospital Monday. Ollie was getting meds every 4 hours, which meant he had to be woken every four hours, because they were giving the meds orally even though he had a perfectly good IV in. This meant that I was also being woken every 4 hours. I had forgotten how uncomfortable the beds are, and how hard it is to sleep there. Oliver kept kicking off his O2 monitor, which was the one thing they were concerned with, given his history of breathing issues. Basically this meant that we had to wait for him to fall asleep to put it on. So I had to wait until he fell asleep, then call a nurse, then hope the nurse didn’t wake him, and only then was I able to go back to bed. Not fun.
Tuesday the doctor stopped by around 8:30 to check on us, Ollie was sitting up, happy, and eating breakfast. The doctor checked him out, and cleared us to go home.
We got home and Ollie was mostly good. Every 4 hours he needed Tylenol with Codeine, and he was very much wanting to veg out, and fussy, but doing okay.
Bobby came home from work on Tuesday in extreme amounts of pain in his tooth, where he had a temporary crown put on the week before. I talked him into calling the dentist, who got him an appointment for Weds morning. Bobby was grumpy and in a lot of pain, turned out he needed a root canal in the tooth they’d worked on. Somehow they’d gotten too close to the nerve and agitated it. The nerve wouldn’t numb, and it was pretty painful to get done. My poor hubby.
In the meantime, Ollie’s still doing okay other than when it’s time to medicate. He hates getting the meds, and I have to pin him down and force it with a syringe to get him to take it. If I don’t give him the meds, he cries, and won’t eat or drink.
Thursday rolls around, and rather than being better, Oliver is worse. He’s drooling constantly, and he won’t drink even on the Codeine. Also, his breath stinks so bad (this is normal). I call the doctor, and they tell me that “Some kids are worse day 5-7, when the scabs start coming off.” Gee, thanks. So for Ollie’s birthday, I’ve made him in intense pain. He’s very grumpy, very sad, and keeps crying, even on the codeine. Yes, he’s got periods of happy or at least not sad, but it’s like 20% of his awake time he’s okay, and the rest he’s not okay. In the meantime, I’m working from home, prepping his party, and taking care of him. Bobby’s behind at work from taking Weds off, so he’s pretty swamped as well.
Oliver enjoyed us singing to him on his birthday
ollie 2nd bday-11
But he didn’t eat any of his cake. His general reaction to his presents was, “Hey, brightly colored boxes? Okay, whatever.”
ollie 2nd bday-6
But he seemed to like a few of his gifts. For his birthday party we went to the park on Saturday and met up with friends. We did a “cupcake bar” for the kids, where we let the kids decorate their own cupcakes. Read that as us not having to frost cupcakes for everyone.
ollie bday-9
Oliver enjoyed us singing to him less at the park. It was a bit cold out, around 68 degrees, which for us in AZ is jacket weather.
ollie bday-7
Oliver spent some time on the swings, and went home from his own party early to lay around and watch TV. Basically, other than the birthday boy himself, the party was a success, and a lot of fun. Given that the point is supposed to be to make the birthday boy happy, I’d say it was mostly a failure. Landon had a blast though. And the food was good. And the company too.
Given Ollie’s pain levels, general bad mood, and reaction to the presents he’d gotten the day before, I opted to take the gifts home and let him open them as he saw fit. He seemed to enjoy himself with the paper tearing part.
ollie bday-23
Yesterday (Sunday) he was still pretty bad, and still on Codeine most of the day. Grandma and Grandpa came buy and gave him a cute little house and sandbox, but he hasn’t been up to trying them out yet.
This morning he finally woke up and seemed to be better. His breath is better, less drool, he’s still not drinking as much as I would like. I’m hoping to send him to school tomorrow. (Initially I was told most kids can go back after 5 days, obviously, this was not true for Oliver.) Of course, I wrote that, and he woke up from nap in a terrible mood, and I ended up giving him codeine again. He tends to do best from about 20 minutes after he wakes until naptime. After nap seems rough for some reason.
So, in the one week since the surgery, here’s what has changed. His breathing is MUCH quieter. I used to walk by his room and peek in to check on him, and I could easily hear him breathing from the doorway. Now I can’t hear him at all, and have to go check to watch him breathe. Major change on that front. As far as his hearing and speech, I think he’s a little clearer. I’ve had him point to my nose and say “Nose” which is new. Also, he’s become obsessed with Wow Wow Wubbzy. So of course he now says “Wow Wow Wow!” I think he just said something similar to Banana to me, repeating it back to me when I asked him if he wanted one.
Also, his dinosaur is his new best friend. He likes to take it everywhere.
ollie bday-29
I’m thinking I’ll take him to school tomorrow and see where he is after nap. I’ll probably have to go and pick him up after nap, but that’s okay, I can do that.

Ollie 2.0

Dear Oliver-
You are two! Happy Birthday little man! I am so happy you are two!
It’s been a rather rough month for you. I’ve been pushing hard to help with your issues. The allergy test came back with a bit of a shocker, you are allergic to milk and soy. They are mild allergies, but avoiding foods with those ingredients should help. We immediately took you off of milk and soy, but after three weeks, saw little change. We are still sticking with a dairy and soy free diet for now. Thankfully you switched over to rice milk with little complaint.
We also go into see the ENT, who ordered an -Xray, and decided that your adenoids and tonsils needed to go, and that tubes in your ears would help with the hearing issues. With the holidays coming, the best opening was on Halloween. This means you missed out on trick or treating, but never fear! We do have candy for you to eat. It all worked out okay, because you HATED your costume. You were going as Toad from Super Mario brothers, since your big brother was Mario, however you did not like the hat at all.
Your surgery went well, but you are still recovering, even today, on your birthday. I wish you were feeling better, but the pain meds seem to keep the pain mostly under control, and you are doing well, overall. We’ve been relaxing and running some errands for your party tomorrow. Depending on the weather, we may head to the park when you wake up. You love to slide and swing. You are a very physical little boy, and you love to move and do things.
We’ve also have a speech therapist and a DSI come around, and you had your first session with each of them last week, before your surgery. Both appointments went well, and hopefully now that you have tubes in your ears, you will be able to make some great progress with their help.
We moved forward on a lot of fronts this month, but overall you’ve been pretty happy. You love to close doors, and often try to close ones that have been propped open. You enjoy playing peek a boo or taking apart Lego towers. Watching Team Umizoomi is still your favorite thing, but you’ve recently been enjoying Wow Wow Wubbzy and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You still love food, and it makes me a little sad to not be able to give you all the foods we used to feed you. You sleep from about 7:30pm every night till around 5:30AM, and you still nap from around 12:30 to 2. Speaking of nap, I hear you waking from your birthday nap right now, so I’ll go play with you rather than writing to future you.
Happy Birthday! I am so proud of you, my little two year old!
Love always,