Knife weilding maniac Knife weilding maniac
Daddy shows Landon a knife! 12/17/06
Baking day at Lauras Baking day at Lauras
Laura is the person in front, with the measuring cup in her hand. Liz is at the stove, and Mel is the girl behind me. Behind her, hidden is Sam (not my brother), who is making donuts. 12/17/06
Lion chair Lion chair
Landon’s Grandma (my mom) sent Landon the lion chair, as well as the Pirates hat he is wearing, for Christmas! 12/18/06
Hanukkah night 6 Hanukkah night 6
Landon in his sling, celebrating! 12/20/06
Hanukkah 8 Hanukkah 8
Final night of Hanukkah 12/22/06
last night last night
Again, the final night. Landon is wearing a cute outfit that Mel gave him for Christmas. 12/22/06
block play block play
Landon playing with his blocks on the ground. 12/22/06
Gamer Babe Gamer Babe
Landon is learning to play the WOW card game! Also, he is really getting the hang of his booster seat! 12/22/06
family 12/23/06 family 12/23/06
Landon, Bobby, and I went to “Holiday Hill” at Val Vista Lakes. It is a bunch of Christmas lights and music, and its very pretty. A nice lady took a picture of the three of us! 12/23/06
Chilling in his sling Chilling in his sling
Landon enjoys the Christmas lights 12/23/06
Sling'ing it Sling’ing it
It’s cold outside, so I keep Landon warm in my coat! 12/23/06
Nightly bath Nightly bath
Landon gets a bath before bed! 12/23/06


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