Being a parent is odd.
That said, I am immensely grateful to be living so close to my Mother in Law, and to have her be so happy to baby-sit. I’ve managed to leave Landon with her for at least a little bit almost every day since we moved out here.
We finally have a couch!
I’ll attempt to post some pictures later.
Okay, so I’m now 20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, and still loosing weight. That means I’m 50 lbs away from my weight goal….

921 W Saddle Butte St
Apache Junction AZ 85220
Home phone is 480-983-2651
My cell is 480-313-8650
No, we don’t have a certificate of livability yet. Yes, that means we are “squatting” in our own home.

Moving Day is tomorrow. Our computer and internet access is going away tonight, and our DSL is “supposed” to be set up tomorrow at the house.
However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the DSL doesn’t work out right, because that’s the type of luck we’ve been having. So, No internet access for at least the next 48 hours, possibly no internet until the cable gets hooked up, which might be as late as the 18th of September.
If you need to contact us, I’m going to do a friends only post with our address and phone number.
Otherwise, I’ll post when I have access again, and in the meant time, just assume I don’t have access.

Friday, we helped friends move until 1AM. The move lacked planning, and was overall a not fun thing. (No, I did not lift things. I held open doors). This move was not completed on Friday.
Saturday, despite having been up way to late, I woke up at 7 something, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to get up and go get a present for Damia, as we were going to her birthday party a little after 11 that morning, and hadn’t gotten around to actually buying anything. I ended up getting her a “my little pony” and a microscope, as the last few times I had been to Laura’s, at one point or another, Damia had talked about doing “science experiments” and Laura seemed to think she would like it. I looked at Chemistry sets, but the ages on them were 10 or 12, and even the microscope was actually set up for age 8, but I think that 7 is close enough. The party was good, the food was good, lots of kids were there, and Damia seemed to get a wide variety of “girly” toys. The big exceptions were some books and the microscope.
Then we went out and saw the house:
House progress

Okay, so weekend in review. Saturday we woke up way too early and helped Liz move, and went to IKEA with Liz and Sam (friend Sam not brother Sam). Sam bought us the dead bunny and black sheep mobile from IKEA. It made me laugh. We had lunch at IKEA, which I did not enjoy. I will avoid eating there in the future. We then went to Game Depot, where Bobby got some more miniatures. From there we dropped Liz and Sam back at Liz’s place, and then headed out to see our house. Rough electrical and plumbing is in, as well as the HVAC. The original design called for the upstairs to be cooled via AC through the floor, like a house in Portland. The HVAC guy told us this was bad, and he wanted to run the AC up through the floor, and then have it be blown down onto us. We had agreed, under the impression that this would A) give us savings on cost to cool upstairs, B) keep the upstairs cooler, and C) that he was running this through the master closet.
Well, it ended up being run through the sitting room. Its in a corner, up against the wall. I lost made 1-2 square feet out of my sitting room. Not a big deal, really. I just about burst into tears when I saw it. It was so horrible and gut wrenching. I just had the sitting room all pictured in my head, exactly how it would be. It’s the only room in the house that I felt was truly mine, where all my books will be. This small change just about broke me that day. I’m okay now, although it still depresses me. I know it’s a stupid little thing, and not worth the money to move, and the cost savings are still there, but still, I just can reconcile the image in my head of how the sitting room will be with the change in the room. *Sigh*
Sunday we went and saw Mission Impossible three, which I really enjoyed, even if it did remind me of one of Nick’s shadow run games…. “You have a Cranial Bomb”
Insurance and Doctors are just so much fun.
Last time I went into my OBs office, they gave me this bill for $215. I told them they were wrong. I told them I wouldn’t be paying it. They insisted that this was how my insurance works. Well, I called my insurance today in preparation for my doctors appt tonight, and sure enough, I was right. So I get to go spend my energy arguing with my doctor’s office.
Not to mention the fact that I am going through sugar withdrawals. I needs my sweet! I am not supposed to eat anything sweet today in preparation for the most wonderful gestational diabetes test I get to do today. They are going to make me drink something very sweet, and then draw lots and lots of blood an hour later. Joy.
Not to mention that nothing makes me crave something more than being told I can’t eat it.
The upside of calling my insurance was that I found out I can switch providers at any time for only $15. So If I don’t like Chandler Regional after my tour, or if my OB really pisses me off, I can switch! That is good news.
The other good news was that I now understand how my insurance works better. I knew that it covered 90% of my hospital stay, after satisfying a $300 deducible, which meant that no matter what I would pay over $300 for the birth of Lan; however what I didn’t know was that if my costs are more than $2,100, the insurance is supposed to kick in again, at 100% coverage. Lan is covered for 30 days under that same thing. Basically unless we have major complications with Lan himself, the most the hospital could run me is the $2,100. If Lan has serious medical issues, then there is a way where technically I could end up out of pocket for a total of $4,200. (2100 for me and 2100 for him). So that’s our very worst case scenario from a money point of view. This is good news, and its nice to have firm budget numbers, instead of the random weird guessing I’ve been doing.

house buying ARGH

Let me start by saying AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

So Bobby and I want to buy some land, and then build a house on it. This meant we needed to 1. find a lender 2. find some land. 3. bid/negotiate on said land to get to buy it 4. do paperwork associated with buying the land (including get insurance) 5. Close 6. Own Land

So for step one, find a lender, I thought back to what happened when we bought our house in Portland. We went through this small, mom and pop shop that kept demanding paperwork, was mean, and made me break down into tears at one point. I decided that was no fun, so I said lets go with a big name bank this time. Better yet, lets go with our bank, Bank of America. Now, when I was young, my Grandma took to Western Savings, and made me start a savings account. At some point, Western Savings became Bank of America, and I have been a loyal BofA customer ever since. Until today anyway.

So we get a loan guy, with BofA. And the loan guy says, “No Problem!” He tells us we have great credit, long time customer, he can loan us anything, anywhere, and that he can beat any other lenders offers.
We made an offer on the lot, then the seller came back and had us sign an addendum saying we would close on Aug 11th, and that the seller would be leaving 2 trailers (the single and the double) on the lot, hence came the idea of staying in the doublewide. This addendum was faxed to BofA. Bobby had discussions with the bank guy about the trailers, and about our plans to stay in one of them. The bank guy even mentioned he knew someone who might be interested in buying one of the trailers off of us when all was said and done. Beyond that, The title co said we needed insurance on the trailers in order to buy the lot. BofA told us we didn’t need insurance on it to buy the lot. I called my normal insurance co, and they told me this wasn’t something that they insure, due to the additions and such to the doublewide. In a quandary, bobby asked the bank guy multiple times if he was sure we didn’t need insurance on the trailer to close.
The only thing odd that occurred at this point, was that around the 5th or 8th, I can’t remember, I came home to some papers that needed signing. Bobby had backdated them, to July 27th, because the bank guy had missed something, and he needed those backdated. I didn’t worry about it, and I signed them. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have.

So on Aug 8th or 9th, we should have received some info from the title co about when we were closing. We heard nothing.

So on Aug 9th, the lot was supposed to be cleaned off. It wasn’t. It still isn’t completely cleaned off, although the seller has been doing a good job of making progress. .

The week of Aug 8th, the Realtor was on Vacation, and was not able to assist us, due to this.

So Bobby called the Realtor, BofA, and the Title co on Aug 8th, Aug 9th, Aug 10th, and Aug 11th (the supposed close date) to make sure everything was on track.
On Aug 8th, 9th, and 10th, the bank guy said “NO PROBLEM”
On the 11th, he said, “You meant you wanted to close today?!?!?! I’m working on it right now!”
On the 12th, the day after we were supposed to close, he said “We can’t loan you the money.”


Bank of America did not want to loan us the money because “There are trailers on the property.” Our credit is still wonderful. The property is still valued at what we were borrowing. The whole problem, as far as I can tell, is the loan guy set us up with a “lot loan,” but because of the trailer, we needed an actual “home loan.” Why they couldn’t fix that, I don’t know, all I know is that we have been yelling at Bank of America since then.

On Friday, Aug 12th, Our loan guy told our realtor that if we signed an Addendum stating that we would pull the single wide trailer off the lot within a week of close, and spedified a new close date of Aug 15th, the bank would lend us the money.

So we signed. And on Monday.
TWO DAYS AFTER WE WERE SUPPOSED TO CLOSE, OUR LOAN GUY, OUR BANK, BANK OF AMERICA, SAID THEY COULDN’T LOAN US THE MONEY AGAIN. Even though we signed an addendum the bank said we had to sign, even though we weren’t hot on the addendum in order to close ASAP.

We have another lender signed up, and are going to hopefully sign some initial paperwork tonight, but its like starting over. Best case would be that the paperwork goes right through and we close on Monday. Worst case, it’ll be September before we could close.

Our Seller is freaking out (I don’t blame him at all, I would be freaking out if our buyer had missed 2 closing dates). He needs the money to buy his house. He also had people he flew into AZ to help him clean off his lot (one of the conditions of us buying it was to clean it off) and now he can’t afford to send them home. The realtor is attempting to keep the Deal alive… but its very possible the deal will fall through.

Basically we need to sign an addendum letting us move the closing date out to say 3 weeks or earlier. We need permission to pull the single off and possibly make changes to the doublewide to make it insurable.

We’ll know tomorrow if the Seller is willing to sign such a thing. If not, we might be out an upwards of $1,000 on this deal.

In the mean time, we have to deal with our new and fun lender, so Bobby and I have to sign crap again tonight. We’ll be missing Fighter practice AGAIN. Sorry.

I am even more sorry to steeldreams because I really want to go and have dinner with her, but I have to cancel again. I am SSSSOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!

I hate it when people cancel on me, and this whole deal has me feeling like scum, because I have had to cancel on my friends, and cancel/change on this seller too. I feel like the bad guy, but there is nothing we can do about it.

A side effect of all this, we are looking for a new bank too.

The good news? Eplans refunded most of our money. Not all. Just most, we’re only out about $100 on that deal now.

So that’s why my life has been a big ball of stress lately, how about you all?

So…. I went off my birth control a few weeks ago. I don’t quite think we fall into ‘actively trying’ at this point, based on everything I have read. We’re still in the ‘go with the flow, see if it happens’ stage.
I have this headache that won’t go away. I really want to take some Aleve. I miss my Aleve. And for the record, I don’t like the Veggies I am making myself eat!

We still haven’t closed yet. Heck, we haven’t signed anything yet! They said maybe this afternoon. I’m guessing Monday. So we can’t start work on it until Weds. (cause once you sign it normally takes a day or two to close)

Plan to help gilbertman move. So he won’t be Gilbert any more, he should change his handle to “Phoenixman” or something. Well, rename tokens are only $15.

Beyond that, it has come to my attention that my birthday list is missing some key people. So basically, PLEASE, leave your birthday as a comment. This post is friends only!

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