sleep sleep
chill'n chill’n
1st bath 1st bath
grandma gave lan his 1st bath on 8/26/06
after 1st bath after 1st bath
grandma drys him off 8/26/06

Things are interesting. Bobby is running himself ragged in an attempt to get the house done on time. Our move out date is fast approaching, and all the stress isn’t good for him. He’s got one more week off of work, before he has to return. Blah.
I love him and am so happy that he is able to work on the house, but at the same time I want him to get some much needed rest.
My days all kind of blur together right now. I spend my time taking care of Landon, and it feels like I should get more done, but I am so freaking tired, I’m amazed at the little things I get done.
I ordered a second car seat base today. The base we have is in Bobby’s car, and every time he leaves me and takes his car, I am essentially trapped at home, as I cant’ take Lan anywhere without the car seat base. So I ordered one, should be here around Thursday. We can set it up in my car, and then I’ll be good to go!
Pumping is still on going, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but its just such a relief to not be fighting with Landon on the whole breast feeding issue. I feel guilty because part of me wishes I’d run dry so I could stop pumping every three hours. Pumping is rather dull, vaguely uncomfortable, and very inconvenient. I have to pump at night too, which means when Landon wakes up, I have to feed him, change him, get him settled, then pump for 15-20 minutes, all before I can go back to sleep.
On the bright side, he has been going to sleep around 9:30/10, waking up at midnight, three-ish and then six-ish, so there are only 3 feedings in the night, and he seems to go right back to sleep after each feeding, which is nice. Still, it means I get about 2 hours of sleep followed by an hour up, which is just weird.
My in-laws house/trailer was pretty badly damaged in the storm, apparently the room we were planning to stay in if the house isn’t done got pretty wet, which sucks. It leaks pretty badly right now. The insurance people will be out Tuesday to look at the trailer, and hopefully give my in-laws enough money to fix everything.
Other than that, I’m tired. Very tired.
I want to hit best buy and either get Lois and Clark season 2 or Veronica Mars Season 2 so I will have something to watch while I watch Lan.


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