job, potty training, rainbows and sunshine

I got my Job back. I’d been asking for more details as the layoff did not make sense to me, and a paperwork error was uncovered. Basically somehow my group filled out the wrong paperwork, so in the intrest of fairness, both myself and the other girl in my group were reinstated. Enough layoffs were done company wide that for now, anyway, everyone in my group is safe from being laid off, and there are currently no layoffs planned in the near future.

I went back to work this week, and it’s almost like I never left.

I cannot put into words how happy and relaxed I have felt the last few days. I found out about the job on Thursday, but I was waiting till everything settled to make the announcement. I was way more stressed than I realized this past month. I’ve just felt so much better.

Landon is awesome.
Up until recently, Landon was pooping in his pants every single day. He seemed to have the whole peeing thing MOSTLY down, we are still having the occasionally accident, but not too often.
We’d become deperate on the poop though. Every day, sometimes twice a day, he’d poop. And he cry while we cleaned it, mostly because I ususally just stuck him in the bath, and if it’s not bathtime, then, the bath upsets him. I don’t know why. So in our deperation, I promised him a “big toy” if he pooped in the potty. Then he saw a commerical for Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Railway. He said he wanted the “Diego Train” not having any idea the cost, and being so desperate, I promised him the train. For almost a week, Landon would ask every day if we could go to the store and buy his “Diego Train” (I had no idea he even liked Diego, we don’t normally watch it, and Laura said if it’s on at the house, he usually walks away and does not watch it) And every day we told him that if he went poop in the potty like a big boy, we would go and buy it right now. And every day he pooped his pants.
On Friday, Landon was dry all day, and did not poop. On Saturday, Landon was dry all day, and did not poop. So on Sunday, I knew one of two things would happen. We would either have a poop explosion, or I’d be calling the doctor on Monday for advice on what to do with a constipated child. (Landon normally poops at least once a day, sorry if that is TMI)
Anyway, so Sunday we went to Grandma’s house. Grandma turned Heather’s old room into the “grandkids room” Basically it’s got toys and the like and a bed for when kids spend the night. When we are there, Landon calls it “my room” even if he does have to share it with seven other kids. So while we adults were talking, Landon disappeared into the back rooms, and I assumed he was in “his room.” (I had heard him go in there and start playing, and it’s a child proof area, so he doesn’t need constant supervision while in there) After about 10 minutes, my MIL asks where the “baby” is. (she means Landon, who is not a baby, but whatever) I get up to check, and he’s in the bathroom. Mickey (MIL) bought a little potty for $3 at a yardsale for Landon (and other’s) to potty train on. Landon is standing up, his pants around his legs, and he says to me, “I put my yuckies in the potty!” and sure enough, he had peed and pooped in the little potty. Not only had he pooped, but he had done it “All By My Self” as he is so proud of saying and doing.
So we went right out and bought the Diego Train.
He pooped in the potty for Laura on Monday, and for us on Tuesday after work. He did poop a second time on Tuesday right before bed, and he didn’t make it to the potty, but he was trying to.

So Potty training? Much improved.
Sunday night he was so excited about the Diego Train that he woke up at 3:30 AM to watch TV and play with it. Getting him back to bed was not easy.

Laura’s youngest son is going to start Kindergarden this fall. Laura’s pretty happy about it, and it has spured her to want to also go back to school and get her Bachlor’s degree. I think it’s a wonderful plan, but the downside is that she is closing the childcare center. I’m not sure what that means for Bear, but hopefully later today Bobby and I are going to go tour a preschool.

So with the stress of job hunting abaiting, suddenly I realized that we are TOTALLY GONNA HAVE A BABY. We’re getting Landon excited about the baby too. We even used it in potty training, “you are going to be a big brother soon, and big brothers use the potty!” he’s pretty excited about his new status, even if he doesn’t really grasp what it means.

This baby moves around a lot. I don’t remember Landon being this squirmy this young. I totally love it though. I’m in my 19th week, 21 more weeks to go!

OMG, right now I am totally craving Red Velvet Cake from CPK. I’d kill for a slice. It is SO GOOD. I can’t stop thinking about it. Somehow, I doubt eating it will help.