Hosted a fun party last night, but I think I over did it.

I woke up to blood. Not a ton of blood, but enough to make me panic. A few drops and I wouldn’t have stressed, but this was more like a light period had come in the night. Of course, Bear was not moving around when I woke up.

So I called my doctor, and ended up going into the hospital. I kept waiting for Bear to start moving the whole way to the hospital, but nothing.
We got there and got checked in right away, and they found Bear’s heartbeat no problem. Of course, after they found the heartbeat, Bear started moving and kicking and squirming. They monitored me for contractions (none) and checked my cervix (high, tight, closed) and sent me home. They said the blood was older blood, not fresh, baby seemed fine, no idea what caused (is causing) the bleeding. Still lightly spotting.
I’m on pelvic rest (no sex) and been told to “take it easy” and “drink lots of water”
I’ve got an appointment on Thursday with my doctor, they said wait till then for further instructions.

I’ve been scared out of my mind all morning.