we get by with a little help from our friends!

First off, I need to do a shout out of THANK YOU to the following people:

For all their help with the moving this weekend.

Friday we went out and had dinner at Oreganos, which was so tasty, and I ate way too much. After that Bobby ran his space opera game, which I am really enjoying!

Saturday morning the wonderful people listed above met Bobby at the house in AJ to pack and move the remaining stuff. They made a huge dent in the items and were totally awesome with all their help! I watched Landon, Emily, and Bridget during this time in order to keep them out of the way and to let the movers move. The kids were pretty good for me, and they ate a good lunch for me too!

Once everyone made it back to the house in Mesa with their loads of stuff, I had pizza and wings waiting for everyone. After everything was unloaded, Laura, Mel, Julia and I disappeared into the nursery to sort all the baby clothing. We got rid of some toys and sorted them as well. Landon has less toys, but still WAY MORE Than he needs, especially with his birthday just around the corner. (speaking of, his party will be on August 15! It’s going to be a pool party at our place)

The nursery is coming along pretty well, we’ve got more clothes than we need, and I got everything newborn through six months hung in the closest. I’m still working my way through some stuff, and I need to get the furniture in the room still. I know I’d be nowhere near as close to done as I am if it hadn’t been for Mel, Julia, and Laura though. Those girls ROCK!

Many people left after lunch to go back to their weekend fun, but Dirk, Laura, Rick, Julia, Jamie, and Gyan hung out and got in the pool with us. Landon enjoyed getting to spend extra time with Emily!

Sunday we took a trip to IKEA to try and help us solve some storage solutions and look at some other furniture. We purchased a wardrobe for Bobby to put his stuff in so that I can have most of our tiny master closet all to myself. The closet in the new house is like less than a fourth of the size of the one in the old house, so we need to condense our crap.

Bobby made us an excellent dinner while putting together the wardrobe, which was above and beyond the call of a husband.

Overall, a productive weekend, if not a relaxing one.

Bobby’s birthday is this Sunday, so for his birthday dinner this week at Laura’s he requested Alligator Piquante with Lime jello for dessert. Should be an interesting meal.

Julia and Laura are throwing me a baby shower on October 17th. We are registering through Amazon.com here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/baby/178NIE6GG9M8M

There isn’t much on it because we don’t need much. I’ve been using the priority buttons to help give some guidance on what we need, what we like, and what would be nice, but is totally not needed.

If you want an invite to the baby shower, I’m supposed to provide a list of Email addresses, as Laura will probably just do evites. If you are interested in attending, feel free to email me, comment here, or PM me with your email address. It’s three months away, so toward the end of Sept I’ll ask one more time, to make sure I got everyone’s!