Attention Valley Moms and Dads
Holiday Baby Party!
This is for all the parents out there with babies and young kids, and should be similar to aliyna’s Halloween party.

When: We are going to do this on Saturday December 9th from 4 PM to 6 or 7PM.

Where: Our house out in Apache Junction. Please email me for directions at if you need them, I will also make a friends only post with the directions for LJ users.

Details: Potluck, holiday themed, so bring your holiday goodies!

We will probably be grilling burgers and such on the grill, or providing some other kind of meat.

Also, a gift exchange will be held, bring gifts under $15 in value if you want to join in.

Feel free to bring along other valley parents too, just be sure to RSPV with the total number of adults attending, and the kids with ages. You can RSPV here or email me at

I figure if just a few people show, it can be a playdate for the kids, and if a lot of people show, it’s a party!!

So last night we went a Baby Halloween Party that aliyna and lightningtea (and baby Roary the bear) hosted. mommycairenn brought her husband and baby Cassia, who dressed as an octopus. catchmeup also came, with her man and baby Penny, the blue crab. stalkermagnet and her husband showed, but her son was unable to be there, which made us sad. Also, Gyan and Jamie brought Emily AKA Tigger along.

The party totally rocked and was a ton of fun! Thank you aliyna for having us!!!!!