Thank You friends (30 days to be Thankful, day 29)

Thank you to so many of my friends-

I’ve only got two letters left, and there are so many people left to thank.
JT- For always being my big brother.
Ali- For all your amazing sense of style
Stephen- For your awesome insight on the world
AAron- For the workouts, and the motivation.
Rosa- For your smile, and your geek love
Zak & Jennie- For making my high school freshman year awesome, and for opening my eyes.
Andrew- For opening my eyes, and for your drive to find your happiness
Star & Renee- For being there when I really needed a friend.
Kate T- For the great memories and being one of my best friends.
Tiffany S- For leading the charge at TPing houses!
Jeremy & Elizabeth- For still being good friends, despite all the distance.
Elizabeth C- For hanging out with me and my family
Tara- Making business school great!
Shawni, John Mike, Mert, and family-Monica, Stacy, Mercy, Adam and family- For being friends with our family, for the babysiting and being the adopted Uncles and Aunts! I’ve got some great memories of you all.
Sue, Matt, Jill, and family- For climbing the dang wall, playing the weirdest games, and making great time together.

I’m grateful for you all!
Thank you!!

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