Thank You to the Hench (30 days to be Thankful, day 28)

Dear Hench and Henchlings-

Thank you for being the most awesome group of friends a person could ever ask for. There are, including the Henchlings, about 50 us in total, which is a rather large group of friends! I love how the Hench is always willing to pull together in a crisis. How if someone ends up in the hospital or stranded on the roadside, or needs advice, or anything, a simple email will elicit help and support.

I love the fact that those of us who are around will turn up for dinner once a week, and that when those far away visit, a party is sure to ensue. The Hench provides all of us a network beyond family, a network of people who care and love and are willing to work together despite our differences. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.

I love the conversations, the discussions, even the ones that turn loud when a difference of opinion comes up. I’m grateful for the intelligence and the willingness to research, the time spent gathering and learning. I love the geekiness of the whole group as well.

Laura- You are the heart of the Hench. Thank you for hosting.
Dirk- Your stories and sense of adventure enrich all our lives, thank you.
Mel- Your kindness and willingness to help others is something I am forever grateful for.
Liz- Your inner geek and outer fan girl never fail to make me happy. I’m grateful for the way your mind works and always impressed by your ability to understand the world around us.
Amy- Always with a kind word, you brighten every room you enter. You are willing to help us out and provide advice and expertise when asked. Your movie knowledge is legendary, and watching you get excited about something is a joy to behold. Thank you also for holding my hand and keeping me entertained while I got my tattoo. I don’t know that I would have been able to sit through it without you. You rock.
Leo- You’re new, but I love the way you make Amy smile, and I have to thank you for reaching out and making friends with my husband, I know he always enjoys his time talking to you.
Christine- Your determination and willingness to help others is something I’m forever grateful for.
Jay- You have such heart, and an open mind. Also, you seem to make Christine pretty happy! Thank you.
Courtney- You are so smart! Thank you for all the times you’ve watched the kids for us.
Alyx- You’ve really grown into this amazing adult, and it’s been a pleasure to watch. Thank you for your open mindedness and your willingness to ask and to learn.
Jessie- You’ve got such a bright personality, and it’s always a joy to spend time with you.
Becky- We miss you so! You’re intelligence and unique point of view are a valuable asset, and you’re always so much fun. I am so thankful every time we get to hang out.
Sam- You entertain a room and inspire a loyalty that I think would surprise even you. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with you, but I always enjoy our talks. You fascinate me.
Gyan- Your geekiness makes my week. Thank you also for all the time you and Bobby spend chatting. We love hanging out!
Jamie- Your conversations are fun, and gaming with you is a blast. Thank you!
Crystal- Thank you for all the conversations we’ve had about Ollie and about food allergies. Thank you for the referrals, because it’s always great to work with you. I enjoy our chats!
Eric- I’m so thankful for your expertise and willingness to share it. Also, I always enjoy skating more when you’re on the rink!
Kevin- We don’t see much of you, but when we do, you’re always smiles and hugs and caring! Thank you!
Iria- Thank you for all your advice on Ollie man. I always appreciate your expertise. Also, you rock, and I love it when we get to hang out with you.
Rich- Your hugs always brighten my day. I love how dirty your mind is, and how caring you are. The way you step in and help is something I am always grateful for, and I really enjoy our conversations. Thank you!
Matt- I love watching you play with the henchlings. You’ve got a willingness to put yourself out there and a kindness in your heart.
Jasmine- You are so witty and so much fun. I wish we had more time to spend together, because I always have blast talking to you.
Julia- Your cakes are so awesome! I love hearing about your stories and watching you with the babies. You’re awesome.
Eric- I love how you make Julia happy, and how good you’ve been for her. I don’t know you very well, but I am thankful for you.
Alena- I love your tumblr and your geekiness. Time spent talking with you is always time well spent.
Oz- I greatly appreciate that you and Bobby get along so well and have so much to talk about. You bring a different point of view to many conversations and I value your opinion.
Rachel- I always enjoy our time together. You have a way of looking at the world that I really enjoy. You are an amazing person and I’m glad to know you.
Sean- I love that your way of looking at things is so diverse compared to others, and that you are willing to share that with us. We miss you and always welcome you!
Michael- What amazing adventures you are on! I’m super thankful for all your posts on facebook where you share them with us. You have a bright smile and a happiness that you share wherever you go. We miss you!
Spencer- You are always up for some great conversation, and I love getting to game with you or spend time with you. You are insightful and do your best to be helpful when you can be. I value the way you interact with all the kids, and your geekiness knows no limits. I love it when we get to chat and spend time together.
Husband mine- You rock, and I love you, and am grateful for you for so many reasons. As it relates to the hench, I love the way you’re willing to help on projects and handiwork, and the way you liven conversations.

Henchlings- It’s an honor to watch you grow and to be part of the “Village” that you are growing in. I love you all and greatly appreciate the chance to be “Auntie” to so many of you.

Hench- You all rock. I’m so very grateful for all of you. I love the time we spend together and the High Hench Holidays. THANK YOU!!!!!!



ps.  There is a lot of us, If I missed anyone, I am so sorry, but no less thankful for you!



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