Thank You to the teachers! (30 days to be Thankful, day 21)

Dear Teachers-

I want to thank all the teachers who I’ve worked with, and all the teachers that put up with me a student over the years. Teaching is such a challenging job, and the monetary rewards just aren’t there. So thank you for doing the job anyway. So many teachers have helped me over the years, I want to make sure that everyone knows that teachers are important, and I’m grateful for you.

Ms. Hackett, who changed my life. I sometimes doubt I would have made it through the horror show that is Jr. High without her reading class. She had us write in a book journal, which she read and handed back, and I could ask her all sorts of things. The main thing she wanted us to do was enjoy reading. She is the one who had me read “The Outsiders” for the first time, and she exposed me to the Titanic. She gave me something to look forward to every day in the seventh grade. She had a way of making learning amazing and fun. She inspired me to be me. I will always be thankful for her.

Mr. Schiesser was my high school Earth Science teacher, and he was someone I could talk to. He made the class so much fun, and he has such amazing energy. I wanted to make him proud of me, which meant I worked harder and learned more there than in any other science class I have ever taken. Thank you.

Mr. Lomeli supported weird clubs and helped keep us on track. He totally rocked. Thank you for letting us hang out in your room, you made high school a better place to be.

Ms. Chomokos, who put up with having both Bobby and I in her class at the same time. She and Bobby had arguments over correct answers, and got along like a house on fire. I also appreciate the way she helped Bobby out, and how she worked with him when he became a paid tutor.

I want to thank some of my elementary school teachers too. Ms. Pethel, for the seashells. Ms. Reed, for figuring out early how to get me to focus. Ms. Blumel who made second grade fun. Ms. Boyle, who helped me learn that reading is the best thing ever.

Thank you to all the preschool, daycare, and elementary teachers who have taught my sons. Ms Tish, who potty trained and worked with Oliver, and got through to him in a way no other teacher did. Ms. Cindy, who continues to work with Ollie and helps him through his day. Ms. Eckman, his preschool teacher who works with him and supports him, who has such great faith in my Oliver.
Thank you to the teacher who sat with Landon when he was 4 and helped him learn to write. Thank you to Landon’s teacher’s for working with him and helping him learn to focus.

Thank you to everyone of my friends who are teachers as well. You guys all rock. Thank you for taking care of and educating our children.

Forever thankful,


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