Thank You Tiff! (30 days to be Thankful, day 16)

Dear Tiff-
I’m thankful for having an awesome coworker like you who evolved into an awesome friend. Who knew that being “Buddies” would turn out so awesome? 

I really love having someone around who is willing to take a stretch break with me, and who enjoys going out for a delicious lunch!!! I am so grateful for all our conversations, and it’s so wonderful to know someone who is such a fandom geek, and enjoys so many of the same books as I do. 

Having you around does make the office brighter, and the office was pretty bright before you got to the current group! I’m thankful for having you around to bounce ideas off of and for all your expertise around the office. 

I’m also grateful to have another photographer around to talk shop with. And I’m forever thankful for the newborn pictures you did of Ollie. I love them dearly. 

Thanks for being a sunny influence in my life Tiff. You rock!


PS, you can check out Tiff’s Photography here: Photography by Tiffany


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