Thank You Grandma Eve! (30 days to be Thankful, day 17)

Dear Grandma Eve,

I miss you so much. Thank you for being my Grandma. I know that there was always some tension in the family, and that sometimes it was your stubborn willingness to ignore social graces that allowed us to see one another. I loved it whenever you came to visit, even if it did cause other stresses. 

I loved the way you always took the time to connect with me. To talk to me about things going on in my life, and to offer support and advice. I loved the walks we used to take, they meant so much to me. Thank you for coming to Thanksgiving every year. 

You were always willing to help me, even if it was a friendly ear or something you didn’t totally approve of, you were still willing to help. You are one of the main reasons I went to college and got a degree. Thank you for making that possible, for making it possible for me to move out and to live on campus. Thank you for giving me a place to live for two years after the dorms also. Thank you for taking care of my little brother and also providing funds for him. 

It is thanks to you that my family has been secure and safe, that we had a leg up in this world and it made it easier for us to be successful in our lives. You helped position us so that I would be educated and have a good job, so that we’d have funds to buy a house, the ability to start saving instead of paying off mountains of debt, and, perhaps most importantly, allowed us to make the choice to attempt our adoption. 

I will always be sad that my children weren’t able to meet you, because I know you would have been proud of them. Cancer sucks Grandma. I hope you know that we hold you in our hearts.

Love always,




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