Thank You Christine! (30 days to be Thankful, day 13)

Dear Christine-

Thank you, first of all, for brightening my day first thing, when you decided to share this! So Cool!

I wanted to thank you for helping us sign all of the adoption paperwork. Having you ready and willing to help has been great. The whole process is so stressful, but to know that when we need to track down a notary, I can call you makes it so much easier. We really appreciate it.

Thank you for all of your effort. That sounds weird, I know, but let me explain. I met you at Laura’s, at what seemed to be a particularity rough spot in your life. The whole time I’ve known you, you’ve never let that hold you back. You’ve never let anything hold you back. You keep going forward with a determination that I find both admirable and inspiring. Somehow, even when things look darkest, you find a way forward.

More than just going forward, you take on new challenges. You accept challenges that are thrust upon you, yes, and meet them head on, but you stop and PICK UP new ones, because you want a better future, for yourself, for your kids, and even for your friends. You are always willing to help if you can, and that is amazing. You take wondrous care of your kids, you care so much, it’s evident in everything you do.

You are a wonderful friend, and THANK YOU for somehow finding the time to be there and do all of that, and still take life head on the way you do. I’m thankful you are in our lives.

You Rock!


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