Thank You Amy! (30 days to be Thankful, day 10)

Dear Amy-

Thank you for joining us in this crazy adventure called life and friends! When we met you, I was super amused by the battle to “claim” you, but I think you were well worth the fight! Your sense of humor continues to delight me! You’re always willing to give advice or help direct us when we need help with things that relate to your line of work. You watch some of the coolest shows, and always have great things to add to any discussion. I love talking with you about strange topics for hours.

Thank you for your cooking. Man, you make some tasty stuff! I love the desserts you bring to dinner, and am always thankful when come to dinner. Thank you for your sense of adventure, and the way you share it with others.

Thank you for going with me to get my tattoo! I really appreciated having you there to hold my hand while dealing with the joys of getting my tattoo. I don’t think I would have found the courage to get it done if it hadn’t been for you. I really love it.

Amy, you rock. Thank you so much for being our friend!




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