Thank you Bob and Mickey! (30 days to be Thankful, day 8)

Dearest Mother and Father in-law,

You two rock. Seriously. You two are always able to be counted on when the shit hits the fan, regardless of all the craziness of your lives. You’ve got five kids, a pile of grandkids, even a couple of great grand kids, yet you manage to find a way to spend time with everyone, and to help when help is needed. Thank you for every time you’ve come to my rescue. Every car battery you’ve helped me replace, every time you’ve dropped everything and been our personal Calvary.

Bobby and I have been together for a long time, and that means I’ve known you guys for a long time. I was always welcome in your home, even when Bobby wasn’t there. A safe place to escape when you’re a teen is always a blessing, even when you’re just an average teen. Thank you for letting your place be one of those places. Thank you for loaning us the use of cars as teens, letting us go to the cabin and go camping and get into the general low grade trouble that all teens seem to find.

Thank you for all your hard work. Without you guys, Bobby and I would have struggled to get Bobby through school. Without the white truck, the trip to DeVry might very well have been out of reach. Thank you for all your help at our wedding, the flowers were beautiful, but you guys did so much more than just that. THANK YOU. Thank you for helping us remodel the kitchen in Portland, for every patio you’ve put on every house, for all the hard work you put into the Saddle Butte place. Thank for your willingness to help us make the house ready for Evie.

Speaking of Evie, thank you for your willingness to help when the time comes for Bobby and I to go get her. I know that between you guys and Laura we’ll be able to leave the boys and only worry a little while we are in Korea.

Thank you for helping load up everything in a truck and for driving it to Portland. Thank you for coming to visit us even though we lived far away. And thank you for letting us stay with you while we got on our feet after moving back home from Portland. You helped make the choice to move home an easy one.

Thank you for the family Christmas, every year. Thank you so much for helping arrange get-togethers and plan weddings and birthday parties. Thank you for your love, unconditional for all your kids, for the people your kids have chosen to spend their lives with, for all the grandkids and such. Thank you so much for babysitting and spending time with our boys. They love you guys so much, and it means so much to them to have you in their lives.

Love ya!


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