Thank you Oliver! (30 days to be Thankful, day 4) Also, Ollie birthday letter!

Dear Ollie-
Happy Birthday! Today you are 4! I am so excited for you. This letter is a combo letter, part updating you on your year in review, and partly a thank you letter.

Thank you so much just for being here. I thank the universe every day that you are here. Thank you for being stubborn. I love that you fight for things that you want. I love that you know the way things need to be done. You still manage to have a smile that knocks me down with joy. You have a way of lighting up a room with it.

You are far and away ahead of everyone academically in both your preschool and daycare. One of your favorite games right now is “Can You Spell?” Which involves you asking people if they can spell various words. You tend to start out with, “Can you spell Apple?” and then will repeat each letter after me. You do them in alphabetical order sometimes, or sometimes you do animals, or sometimes TV shows, but there is always a pattern, and often it’s predictable once you gets going. That said, you can now spell a variety of words on your own! Zebra, Banana, Cat, Dog, Hat, and many more!

You are continuing to improve, and you Preschool teacher still thinks that you can start in a normal kindergarten class in Fall of 2015, just a few months before you turn 6. Your IEP went very well overall. You are still getting PT, OT, and Speech and school, as well as speech at home. I’m trying to find an OT as well to come into the home.

You still are not a fan of presents. You don’t see the point in opening them. Once the toys are open, you are more than happy to play with them! This morning your dad and I opened up the gifts we were giving you so that you could jump straight into playing with them, which made you happy. We got you a cash register that you really like, a giant stuffed Mickey, a shirt, and a color fishbowl toy.

Your birthday party went very well. We spent an hour bouncing around at BounceU, and you had a blast! You really enjoyed yourself. When we were done bouncing we went to go eat cake and open presents, only to discover that you wanted nothing to do with that. You cried, a lot. I pushed you through singing happy birthday anyway, and then we took you home to open gifts. Your guests did enjoy your Mickey cake! You were not a fan of cake, not even after we brought it home. You got a lot of cool presents, a lot of Dinosaurs. You really love Dinos right now. They ROAR!

You told me the story of a “Dark Dark House.” You did this on your own, from start to finish. I assume you learned it at school, but it was so awesome to have you tell the story from start to finish!

You still have a lot of trouble with new things. If we’ve done something two or three times, and you’ve got the pattern of it, you do okay. When we do something NEW! You tend to lose it. You still have a lot of issues around sounds, especially loud sounds. You are just starting to play with other kids your age, which is a great sign.

I am so thankful for you, and for everything you do. I’m so happy you are part of our family. I love you so much little man.

Love always,




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