Cabin Trip March 2012

We had an amazing weekend at the cabin this weekend. Bobby and I were both able to take a short day at work and head out of the valley around 3:45pm. We arrived at the cabin only to discover that there was still a little bit of snow in a few places!
Cabin March 12-1

We were joined at the cabin by Jamie and Gyan, and their daughter Emily. Bobby made some tacos for dinner, and we chatted while waiting for Laura’s family to show up. They ended up running late, but made it the cabin around Oliver’s bedtime. Friday night we mostly hung out and let the kids play.

Saturday morning, there was still a little bit of snow/ice left, so the kids had a snowball fight, running around the cabin like little crazed monkeys. They had a blast. Eventually we packed up and headed out to Monument Peak East Trail, just outside of Payson.
Cabin March 12-6

It’s a three mile circle trail. Oliver decided right away, that he was NOT going to walk. Oliver normally loves to run everywhere, but take him on a hike, and he throws himself on the ground. So he spent most of the hike on Bobby’s back, although I also wore him for a bit. This is pretty much what I look like on a hike:

Cabin March 12-69

I’m rather fond of this group shot, taken by Gyan using my camera:

Cabin March 12-22

The hike was a touch long for Landon, and for whoever was wearing Oliver. Landon needs to work on his endurance a little, I think. He was flagging hard for the last mile or so. I held up fine, except for when I was wearing Ollie. Funny what 40lbs on your back does to your endurance. I had more fun when Bobby had Oliver, for sure.

Cabin March 12-12

We had lunch at La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, where we often have lunch. Oliver was in fine form, following his usual pattern of inconsolable temper tantrum until suddenly deciding he was fine and eating. We stopped by the Payson Candle shop before loading up and heading back to the cabin.

Cabin March 12-4

Oliver wanted to climb the stairs all the time, but we tried to keep him off of the stairs. He just doesn’t quite have the balance and stability for it. We walked down to the church on the corner and had the kids pose in the usual spot. I accept that Ollie is going to cry when we do this. I’d rather have him in the picture crying than not have him in the picture.

Cabin March 12-27

We took our walk to see the bats under the bridge, but they were not in residence when we go there. Do bats migrate? But the kids had fun on our walk.

Cabin March 12-39

We had dinner and played some board games, relaxed, read some books while the kids played outside. Once it got dark out, the kids played N64 in the loft, enjoying Mario Party and mostly not fighting. Oliver wore his footie pjs, since he was so cold! I can tell, this child is mine:

Cabin March 12-64

Sunday morning we had breakfast, got the cabin cleaned up, packed up, and took our usual pictures on the stairs at the cabin.
Cabin March 12-97

Cabin March 12-100

We locked up the cabin tight, and stopped at the usual hike for the waterfall on our way out of town, since we hadn’t made it there yet this trip. I wore Oliver for the hike down to the waterfall, and Bobby hiked Oliver out. The place was so pretty, as usual.

Cabin March 12-156

Oliver mostly wanted to throw rocks in the water, and he really enjoyed it. We had to keep an eye on him to keep him from getting in the water. Hopefully next time we go it will be warm enough that we can let him get his toes wet.

Cabin March 12-127

Our family picture turned out okay this time. Oliver isn’t screaming, but Landon isn’t looking either.

Cabin March 12-152

Once we were done with the hike, we headed into Payson and then on to home, where my family at least, spent the late afternoon relaxing and attempting to recover!

While we were at the cabin, I practiced a little portrait photography on everyone, and Bobby also got some amazing shots of Oliver. Here are a few of my favorite pictures, all the pictures from our cabin trip can be found on Flickr.

Here are my favorites of each person on the trip:
Cabin March 12-56

Oliver (I had a ton of favorites, here are three)
Cabin March 12-164
Cabin March 12-90
Cabin March 12-58

Cabin March 12-45

Cabin March 12-60

Cabin March 12-119

Cabin March 12-52

Cabin March 12-111

Cabin March 12-115

Cabin March 12-136

Cabin March 12-140

Cabin March 12-123

And finally, courtesy of my husband, Me
Cabin March 12-144

Family shots:
Cabin March 12-148

Cabin March 12-95
Cabin March 12-94

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