Landon “names” his sister

Landon wants to name his sister “Candace” I told him I didn’t think we would be doing that. He then told me that he wants to name her “Candon” I told him I thought that might be a boys name.
His next suggestion was “Goomba.” I told him Goomba was cute, but that it was more of a nickname. He then declared that “Goomba” is her nickname. It made me think of how Landon was “Alabaster” and Ollie was “Bear” until we knew their gender and their name. So now in my head I’ve nicknamed her “Goomba” and it’s all Landon’s fault.
Of course, Landon then said that she should have a second nickname, Spikey Turtle.

Eventually, I told him the names Bobby and I liked, and Landon voted for “Eve.”

Eve and Ivy are my lead names at the moment. Bobby’s seem to change. We’ll know what her name should be when we see her. Part of it will depend on what her Korean name is, as we plan to incorporate that into her name, most likely as her middle name.

Other names we are thinking of include:
Dorothy “Dotty”
Gwendolyn “Gwen”
Kyra (or Kira)
Meredith “Merry”

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