International Adoption Journey, on our way to family of five

Many of you already have heard, and may have even helped us through the process so far, but I felt it was time to mention here that Bobby and I are currently in the process of adopting a child from South Korea.

The short story is that we are in process, we should be completing our home study next month, and then we will be waiting for a girl under the age of one to be “referred” to us. At this point we will get a picture and medical information on a girl in South Korea who is eligible for international adoption. This could happen right after the home study is complete, or it could take up to a year. There are less girls available for international adoption out of Korea than boys, so we are not sure how long it will take. Once we accept the referral, (accept that this specific little girl) we will have to wait for paperwork in Korea to be finalized before we can travel to Korea to pick her up and bring her home. It can take another 1-2 years for paperwork to be final, so we will be bringing home a little girl who is between one and three years old by the time everything is finalized and she actually comes home with us.

I was slow to announce all the details until the process was underway, and there is a lot about international adoption, specifically Korea that we needed to learn. At this point I think we are far enough along in the process that it’s pretty much common knowledge with most of our friends and family we see on a regular basis.

I’m going to do a series of posts about what we’ve done and why we decided to do what we are doing over the next couple of weeks or so.

Adoption timeline
12.25.2011 Decided to move forward with adoption
01.12.2012 Pre-Application in to Agency
01.31.2012 Attended Adoption Seminar at Agency
02.13.2012 Adoption Application completed and turned into Agency
02.18.2012 Application accepted
02.20.2012 Home Study Started
02.28.2012 First Home study interview (Couples)
02.29.2012 Second Home study interview (Bobby)
03.05.2012 Third Home study interview (Jen)
03.10.2012 Adoption Class
03.17.2012 Final Home study interview (Whole family in home)


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