Landon’s five year milk test

So Landon had his allergy appointment today. He was 47 lbs and 45.5 inches tall. Basically we’re to follow the same protocol that we have been, strict avoidance of all milk products, cheese, butter, and anything that might have the Casein protein in it.

However, his allergy actually has gotten better! It’s now a class 3 milk allergy! The doctor felt that with his current numbers there was actually a fifty-fifty chance that he might outgrow it, which was higher odds than last time, when Landon’s numbers were close to the same.

So this is good news, even though nothing changes. We’ll test again next year! Keep your fingers crossed that the numbers are even lower then! Here are Landon’s numbers, for my reference:

Test on:

2/18/2012: 17.3 kU/L Class 3 Ige 165 Iu/ML

2/16/2011: 25.9 kU/L Class 4 Ige 222 Iu/ML

2/12/2010: 24.60 kU/L Class 4 Ige 150 Iu/ML

2/25/09 19.10 class 4H IgE 155H

Test in Feb 08 was 12.57 Test in Feb 07 was 7.98

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