Oliver Letter 2.4

Dear Oliver-
You are 2 years and 4 months old today. You have had such a language explosion in the last two months I’m not even sure where to begin. It started with the word “Star” a few months back, and has gone on to be all shapes, and COUNTING. You can pick up the numbers 0-9 and identify them. You can count, with minimal prompting, up to 20! You actually ask for Apple Juice! It’s so amazing. When we are riding in the car, just you and me, on the way to school, you like to count the whole way to school. We’ve also started playing the animal sounds game, you like to tell me that a duck says “Quack Quack!” But that’s the only one you get with consistency. You will repeat other animal sounds to me, so I expect you to be an expert at the game soon!

You’ve still got issues with transition points. You don’t like it when we first get somewhere; you tend to throw a temper tantrum. You are very stubborn; this is probably your key personality trait! I am actually very thankful that you are so stubborn. I don’t think you could have made it through your very rough start (with ICU when you were newborn) if it hadn’t been for your undying stubbornness! The frustrating part of your stubbornness is that you want to do things your way. This means you don’t want to sit still when we go out to eat, or ride in a cart. Instead you get very frustrated and cry. We’re working with you, trying different methods to get you settled, but so far we haven’t found anything that works with regularity.

Your speech therapist (Vicki) and your DSI (Lorraine) are both very impressed with your progress! They think you are learning well. Your teachers at school are also impressed, saying that you are talking a lot more, even if they have trouble comprehending what you are trying to tell them. You really like playing with puzzles or shape sorters, and putting things back in boxes, only to “dump” them out. You gleefully shout “Dump” and then start the process over.
You still seem to have a chronic runny nose, but we took you to the allergist, and he said you have no allergies! At least all the ones we tested for came back negative. On the bright side, he says you are no longer allergic to Milk or Soy! We’ve had such fun re-introducing foods. It’s so nice to be able to share a pizza with you! You do love cheese and yogurt and are very happy to be able to eat them again.

Your brother spent most of the last month fighting Step throat. Due to your lack of tonsils, you managed to mostly avoid getting it, but you did end up with a brief bout of Impetigo under your nose. It was pretty gross, but, with the help of antibiotics, it passed quickly. (Thank goodness!)

You had your first dentist appointment on Feb 22 2012. She said all of your teeth looked really good. Your two year molars are starting to come in, and you are NOT HAPPY about it. You’ve been a little extra cranky and have been slapping your cheeks when you get mad. I am assuming it’s due to the teething currently. Hopefully this will pass quickly. You only starting having issues the past week, and seem to have been a little better the last two days.
You are doing amazing. I’m so proud of how far you have come!

Much Love,

PS, here is a 55 second video of Oliver counting. He skips Seven, saying Nine instead, but it’s an average run of him counting up to 20.


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