Ollie update, speech progress!

Oliver is improving with his talking.  He continues to say “No” to every question, even when the answer is yes.  He’s making good progress with his speech; he had a great session with his speech therapist yesterday.  He was playing with this Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle that she had brought with her, and was saying “Chicken” and “Piggy” and other things (sheep, animal sounds, duck, ect).  He’s getting clearer and adding more words.  He’s still behind, but he’s making progress at an amazing rate.  It’s so wonderful.  He still doesn’t normally use sentences or ask for things.  He will not ask for help.  If he really wants/needs something, he comes and gets me and grabs my hand and leads me to whatever he needs help with.  He won’t ask.  He can say “Mama” but he never calls for me.  It’s either that he comes and gets me or he starts crying.


He’s been able to name body parts on others for a while.  He likes to point at my face and touch my nose and say “nose” and ears and say “ears” and other things.  Yesterday he started doing it to himself!  On his own face!  It was so cute. 


His DSI has been seeing him at school this week due to some scheduling issues, and both she and Ollie’s teacher had some interesting feedback.  Apparently, at school, he follows the rules, stands in line, and even helps pick up!  Oliver is better at doing what his teachers tell him to do than he as at doing what we tell him to do at home.  According the teacher, he was very happy to see his DSI, and talked way more and was much happier with her around, but that he wouldn’t listen to his teacher or do anything he was asked to do by her. 

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