Ollie letter 2.2

Dear Ollie-

You are roughly 2 years and 2 months (and a couple of days) old. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the last two months have been with you. I want to start out by talking about your recovery from having your tonsils and adenoids out. That was a little rough. We had your second birthday party at the park by our house, and you were in pain and grumpy, and in general didn’t want to be there. I felt so bad for you. Still, you did swing and had a lot of people come out to wish you well. Your recovery for about 10 days sucked, and then one morning you woke and seemed to be better.

You had your two year well check on Nov 9th, 2011, and you were 36.5 inches (3 feet!) tall and weighed in at 33lbs, and your head was 51 CM. All three measurements are in the 95% for size, and you are very well proportioned!

As far as the tubes in your ears, we went and saw the ENT. The tube placement is good, and we had another hearing test where your hearing came back as normal. This news is wonderful, and as far as I can tell, it’s true. You are doing amazingly well with speech due to finally being able to hear us. You will randomly say things that just floor me. You add words all the time, and the words you add sound more like actual words than your previous speech. I can’t put into words how happy we are about this. You tell me what shapes are, “A STAR” and can recognize some of them in other forms. The star is your favorite, and I can show you a star shape pretty much at any point and you will tell me “A STAR!” Pretty much the only thing you don’t say is “yes.” When I ask you a question, the answer is always “No,” even when you mean yes!

You have started blowing kisses at people, which I think is the cutest thing ever. I love it. You also wave and say “buh-bye.” You still love to give high fives and play peek-a-boo. Your laugh is adorable, as always, but we hear it so much more since your surgery. You are happier overall. You used to just be done on Thursday’s at Laura’s at around 6:30pm. You would be tired and cranky and done. Now, around 6:30-7pm, you come find me, or Laura, or Daddy, and then climb into whoevers lap, and sit and smile and snack until time to go home. So many people have told me about how much happier you are overall since your recovery.

You spent a night out at your Grandparents’ house! I’m not sure if you had done that before, but you did it in December. You had a great time! It was nice of you to bond with your grandparents. We were super impressed with you. Even more impressive, you’ve now peed in the potty TWICE! This is good news because you already in the biggest diapers we can buy at Costco, and we still have issues with you peeing through them. You like to carry a cup and drink a lot of liquid, which results in a lot of pee! I’m hoping we can potty train you most of the way this year!

Your third Christmas has passed us by. You didn’t understand it yet, and that’s okay! You had little interest in opening gifts, and your big brother enjoyed “helping” you to open most of them. When we went to the large family Christmas, you decided to chill outside in the sun with one of your younger cousins, ignoring the chaos of many children tearing through a huge pile of gifts. You did like most of your gifts. Someone gave you a fur-baby and you insisted it be opened immediately so you could play with it. You like stuffed animals, and like to carry them around with you. You got a shape sorter, which is one of your favorite toys currently! You still love all the touch and feel books, especially the “That’s Not My…” series.

At school you moved from the 1’s room to the 2’s room. The transition was a little hard for you, but now you seem to really like the 2’s room. All your teachers are reporting great progress from you in the last two months, which is great to hear. The best part was that yesterday I dropped you off at school with almost no tears at all, and today you happily blew kisses and told me “Buh-bye” when I left! I hope that trend continues. I do have to pack you a lunch every day due to your food allergies, but so far we’ve not had any major issues. Your allergies are, thankfully, very minor.

Speech Therapy and DSI therapy seem to be going rather well. The speech therapist thinks you will definitely be caught up by kindergarten, if not sooner, to your peers. Both therapists think you are making great strides forward! When they come to the door, you get excited and can’t wait to play with them. We are so proud of you.

You have been so happy and talkative the past month. It’s been an amazing change. I am so glad we decided to go forward with the surgery. You smile, laugh, and talk more. You are more open to other people. You throw less temper tantrums and they tend to be over more quickly. You are a joy to be around in new ways.

We are so blessed to have you. We love you so much.

Love always,